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Getting pregnant with PCOS: A guide to conceiving naturally | The Times of India



Even though a little difficult, women with PCOS actually go on to have the same number of children as other women. However, the journey to getting pregnant can be a little lengthier, or often requires assistance.

That being said, there are ways women struggling with PCOS can boost their chances of getting pregnant, naturally.

Managing weight gain: Weight loss is one of the ways to increase chances of conception. Since extra weight can lead to inflammation and induce stress on the body, managing your weight and BMI (Body Mass Index) can regularize menstruation and help you have a baby. Seeking advice from a medical professional, or maintaining vitals as per your age can help you get started. Studies suggest that even a 5-10% reduction in weight can promote ovulation and make it easier for the body. However, it’s not a permanent solution for fertility issues.

Exercise: Regular physical activity can beat the ill-effects of a sedentary lifestyle and manage weight gain. It can also counter stress, which can be bad for conception. Simple activities like walking regularly, weight training or cardio can promote fat loss and muscle gain.

Eating healthy is important too: Diet is also said to have a beautiful impact for those struggling to conceive with PCOS. Even though there isn’t something like the ‘best diet’ for reversing PCOS, following a low-carb diet with heavy proteins can help. Food groups like nuts and seeds, vitamins like B12, D, folate, iron, omega-3 (which is a natural fertility booster) should be had plenty. Quitting dairy, which is said to impact gut sensitivity may also prove helpful.

Controlling blood sugar levels: PCOS is linked to insulin resistance and can trigger diabetes, which again, is a risk factor for conception. Controlling and managing blood sugar levels may bring a change in your health.

Some women also benefit from trying out natural therapies like yoga, meditation, acupuncture.

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