Good Girls Canceled – Why Did The Series End Halfway?

The story of three mothers living their two lives is always a great show for the public to watch. Good Girls, an NBC show currently running season 4 on TV, has been in talks recently. The reason behind this is their cancellation by NBC. While the season 4 episodes are still going on and the show has just hit the Netflix online platform, this news hit a lot of fans like a train.

The show was not popular enough to be renewed, but the loyal fans of this show always give priority to the show. Even the last time, in Season 3, the showmakers saw an additional rise in the viewership of the Comedy drama series.

Fans and the crew were already excited about their upcoming seasons, but things got worse when the news announced that the series had been canceled by NBC. Why is this happening? There were still a lot of things to be shown in the show. The devoted fans are already looking for the season 5 updates.

Good Girls Canceled – Why Was the Series Cancelled?

Good Girls Canceled – Why Did The Series End Halfway?

The very first question that both the cast and fans want to know is why it happened? The reasons are very obvious to most of us, but some still think there were plenty of opportunities to revamp the show.

Prior to this news there was a lot of confusion on the internet and that is whether there will be season 5 of Good Girls or not? Well, we all thought that NBC would show some mercy to the show and maybe those 1 million fans would get something with them.

Unfortunately, NBC wasn’t ready this time. After season 4 was released, there were already rumors that NBC would cancel the show.

Whitman, who plays the lead character in the show, took to her Instagram and posted a message to her dear fans.

She focused, “We really don’t want to be canceled,” the actress wrote to her 1.1 million followers. “Apparently we are on the bubble – meaning: [NBC’s] consider not bringing us back [for Season 5]… Let NBC and Netflix know how much you love us.”

The comedy-drama show already has far fewer fans to extend the series for its fifth season. So far, NBC has 15 shows created by them and Good Girls was the second least watched show after Demo. all these things got the creators thinking about the show’s cancellation,

Good Girls Canceled – Is Good Girls Getting a Season 5?

Good Girls Canceled – Why Did The Series End Halfway?

While some fans still hope NBC has renewed the series, there are no chances.

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It has been officially confirmed that Good Girls season 5 was canceled by NBC last week.

Now there are no possibilities that the show will ever return for another season. There are still a few episodes left to premiere on Netflix, which will be soon. The last episode will air on July 7, 2021.

Good Girls Canceled – How is the cast reacting to this news?

Good girls cancelled

Previously, Witman used her Instagram to tell her 1.1 million fans that NBC is considering canceling Season 5 of Good Girls. Although fans responded quickly to her message, it was not yet certain at the time. The star asked her fans to use the platform and tell the company how much they want another season.

Last week, the cancellation news reached everyone along with the cast. The stars of the show were quick to respond to this topic and they did.

Christina Hendricks posted an online photo with the caption: Well, we gave everything. We really did. Thank you to our amazing fans over the years for all your passion and support. #goodgirlcancelled @nbcgoodgirls repost @mistergarf @unpredictable.”

Fans reacted quickly to the news and the #goodgirlscancelled started trending on Twitter. Christina has used the meme to show how things went after hearing about the cancellation. In the photo, she has Whitman’s eyes closed, which is enough for the public to know how much she will be after hearing the news.

Last words

The Good Girls TV series, which initially started on February 26, 2018, is finally coming to an end. The show is finally saying goodbye to the public by releasing the final episode on July 7. The show is available on Netflix with all season 4. The show was already slated for a five-season show, with season 5 being the last and final season.

NBC stopped producing last season and we know Season 4 will end on a cliffhanger. But we’re not getting season 5 to increase the suspense. Season 4 is still running and now everyone is waiting for the final episode.

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