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Google Home App’s New ‘Home & Away Routines’ Is Making Nest Devices Smarter With Presence Sensing



Google Home App's New 'Home & Away Routines' Is Making Nest Devices Smarter With Presence Sensing


The Google Home app is integrating a new feature that will enable users to set up routines for its Nest products that will further trigger ‘presence sensing.’ The new feature, Home & Away Routines on Google Home will, therefore automatically adjust Nest devices when the user is at home or outdoors. Google says the feature works by using the smartphone’s location (if user opts-in) and sensors within the Nest smart devices. Until now, users had to manually set up routines for the home appliances but can now rely on AI to function without any manual inputs.

According to 9to5Google, Home & Away Routines on Google Home is currently available for several users; however, the company is yet to officially announce the update’s rollout. The report adds that several were able to spot the Set up Home & Away Routines prompt at the top of the Home app. As of now, presence sensing that is triggered by the new feature works for devices such as Nest thermostats, Nest cameras, and smart appliances like lights, plugs, switches connected with the Google Home app. Other Nest devices eligible for the feature include Nest Guard, Nest Secure Tag, Nest Protect (Wired), and Nest × Yale Lock.

Google claims that the Home & Away Routines not only makes devices smarter but also helps in conserving electricity. This will also help users who often forget to switch off appliances once they leave home. Moreover, users still have the options to set up a routine for Nest devices by heading to Set up Home & Away Routines section on Google Home. However, Google has cautioned that Nest device-owners are required to set up routines with a Google account and not a Nest account.


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