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Google Meet to Allow Teachers to Take Attendance, Host Q&As and More



Google Meet to Allow Teachers to Take Attendance, Host Q&As and More


Google Meet, the video conferencing service by Google, has announced a host of new updates for its G Suite Enterprise for Education customers. The new features include attendance reports, a Q&A section and polling, and will be rolled out to eligible users by the end of this month. These features join more new features on Google Meet, such as software driven noise cancellation, which was introduced on Google Meet for enterprise users earlier.

Google Meet Enterprise for Education customers can already use polling, which allows educators to “periodically check” whether students are not falling behind any classwork. Students can also vote for specific topics that they prefer or require to be attended to at the online lessons. Speaking on the feature, Samir Pradhan, group product manager at Google Meet said, “Polls can also make classes fun with icebreakers to revive class engagement, start discussions or debate a topic.”

With the Q&A feature, students would be able to ask questions without “disrupting the flow of the lesson or discussion”. However, teachers can hide any questions, and also enable or disable question submissions at any time. Google says that the Q&A on Meet will arrive in the coming days, without specifying the exact date of the rollout.

For attendance reports, teachers can take class attendances via Google Sheets, as long as a classroom has at least five participants. Google says the company will add more controls to this feature, later this year. Another update that Google Meet is adding later this year is a digital whiteboard, with Jamboard. The feature can be restricted by the admin, selecting the “who is allowed to present” setting.

Lastly, educators can now split students into small groups for discussions using ‘Breakout’ rooms. Over the next few months, Google Meet will add new controls to this, such as ‘ask for help’ for participants, to get the teacher’s attention. Breakout rooms is available to G Suite Enterprise for Education customers, starting today.

Last month, Google Meet announced noise cancellation for its Android and iOS enterprise customers. Using this, eligible users will be able to eliminate unwanted background noises to an extent, during a Meet video call.


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