GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham tests positive for Covid


WASHINGTON – Sen. Lindsey Graham, RS.C., said Monday he had tested positive for Covid-19 even after being vaccinated.

Graham said in a statement that he started having flu-like symptoms on Saturday night and went to see the US family doctor Monday morning.
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“I feel like I have sinusitis and at the moment I have mild symptoms,” said Graham, who will be quarantined for 10 days.

He added: “I am very happy to have been vaccinated because without vaccination I am sure I would not feel as good as I am now. My symptoms would be much worse.”

Authorities and health experts emphasize that the vaccines remain remarkably effective in preventing serious illness and death. Breakthrough infections of vaccinated people, which are expected in large-scale vaccination campaigns, represent less than 0.08 percent of the more than 164.2 million people who have been fully vaccinated since January, or about one in every 1,300.

A White House staffer and senior communications officer to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently tested positive for Covid-19 after being fully vaccinated.

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