Gram panchayat students to gain access to high quality digital education through mobile app



PUNE Students have become more familiar with online education over the past two years of the pandemic. More than 230 panchayats in the state with no Zilla Parishad schools have teamed up with a private company to provide digital education for their students. This collaboration will allow more than 53,000 students in Hindi and Marathi medium schools to access the best digital education available via any mobile device.

The app will provide authentic 3D learning content in Marathi and Hindi, as well as English. It covers all science and mathematics from Classes 6-12. Students preparing for competitive engineering or medical entrance exams will find the app useful.

Nitin Khetmalis is the Sarpanch of Mirajgaon Village. He said that students must travel to major cities like Mumbai and Pune to receive quality education and guidance. This is not possible for everyone. No matter their socio-economic background, this partnership will be a benefit to all students in our village. We are grateful for your efforts to create a digital learning app that is high-quality for our Hindi and Marathi students.

Aditi Avasthi is the founder and CEO of IMBIBE. She developed the mobile app. We want to ensure that no child is left behind in the pursuit of education, even if it’s something as basic as quality education in their native language. Technology can truly open up education in India for all children and remove barriers such as language, location, and affordability.

“In the last months, our company took on board 2,093 Gram Panchayats that cover 873 villages. These villages do not have schools and students travel to other villages for education. She stated that this partnership will benefit more than 9 lakh students from the villages she has covered to date.


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