Grantchester Season 6 Episode 3 Spoilers (PBS): Will, Geordie and Politics

Grantchester Season 6 Episode 3 Spoilers (PBS): Will, Geordie and Politics
Grantchester Season 6 Episode 3 Spoilers (PBS): Will, Geordie and Politics

As we prepare for Grantchester season 6 episode 3 to arrive on PBS next week, get ready for the show to enter some interesting territory.


On paper, this isn’t an entirely political series; it’s more about telling personal stories and mysteries that impact this particular community. But what happens when politics and a murder investigation meet? There’s no choice but to send Will and Geordie down that path!

The events of episode 3 will probably be especially interesting because none of these characters probably want to roam in this world. It’s not about choosing a side; instead, it’s just about figuring out what happened. Obviously, some will suspect that another politician is to blame, mainly due to the fact that there will always be a desire for power.

Below we have the complete Grantchester season 6 episode 3 synopsis with other insights on what’s next:

Will and Geordie become involved in local politics when the death of a councilor sparks parish elections. An allegation against Leonard turns life in the rectory upside down.

Finally remember that this is Granchester; the vast majority of mysteries will often be much more complicated than they appear on the surface. This mystery is deep and complicated, and the producers combine that with something personal to Leonard that could influence his future for… a lot of the next few years. It goes without saying, but we’re ready for show to peel off a lot of these layers.

At the end of this episode, we’re halfway through the season. Grantchester has relatively short seasons, but luckily they can often cram a lot into it.

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