Hanna Season 3: End declared! Why is Hanna going to Boston? The defeat of Utrax and Pioneer?

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Hanna Season 3: End declared! Why is Hanna going to Boston? The defeat of Utrax and Pioneer?
Hanna Season 3: End declared! Why is Hanna going to Boston? The defeat of Utrax and Pioneer?

Hannah Season 3 is available on Amazon Prime video! At some point, on the drawing board for Hanna’s Season 3 Finale, there may have been a version of the end in which Hanna, her fallen target, Abbas, and her six-year-old daughter. Nadiya, enjoy a sunny moment in a seafront Mediterranean villa with whitewashed walls and a garden planted with orange trees and vines.

Hanna Season 3: End declared!  Why is Hanna going to Boston?  The defeat of Utrax and Pioneer?

It was the fantasy Hanna and Abbas had created after spending their first night together in the secure house where he was hiding from Utrax’s killers. Instead, in the season 3 finale, Hanna said goodbye to Abbas and Nadiya at the Vienna airport and led them to CIA whites Carl and Terri to receive them. their new identity and protection by the government. Abbas reminded Hannah from their shared imaginary future, but she told him she couldn’t go with them. She had to start over somewhere where no one knew her to escape everything that had happened.

The Defeat of Utrax and Pioneer

Exposure and accountability were the only way to bring down UTRAX and the Pioneer Group, which is why Marissa kept ex-CIA programmer Ethan Williams alive and away from UTRAX. Williams was familiar with UTRAX’s algorithm for predicting which youth would be the target of Pioneer’s agenda. When Marissa killed Gordon Evans and Brianna Stapleton, she took out the Pioneer Group president and his chief lieutenant. With no one left to give orders, the Pioneer soldiers withdrew.

Then Terri and Ethan went to the press and publicized the entire CIA-led underground UTRAX operation, beginning with the creation of the first-generation babies, including Hanna, in 2003. The CIA took swift action to shut down UTRAX and to distance themselves from Evans and Pioneer. While it’s possible that the algorithm will be used in the future by someone with a similar scheme to Gordon’s, Hannah season 3 has ended UTRAX for good. However, UTRAX agents like Jules Allen are still around.

Hanna Season 3 Ending Explanation: Why is Hanna going to Boston?

Hanna season 3 eventually revealed the story of Marissa, abused and manipulated by his father, Gordon Evans, who wanted her to be his reflection as a CIA agent. Finally, at the end of the Hanna series because her story had nowhere to go and there is no future for Wiegler where she could live a normal life.

Why is Hanna going to Boston?

Hanna told the dying Marissa that she was “good”, which gave Wiegler the absolution she needed for her sins and maybe she died knowing she had finally done good for Hanna. Jules shot and presumably killed Sandy Phillips, who allegedly killed Hanna without regrets. Echoing the way Marissa shot and killed her own father, Jules shot her best friend, completing her breakup with UTRAX. Jules gave up on her mission to kill a target in Hannah Season 3 because she realized that she and the others had been brainwashed by UTRAX from the start.

Hanna and Jules understood this from Sandy and that she would follow his orders to kill anyway. Sandy probably died after Jules shot her and fell off a cliff into a river. It is unknown what will happen to Jules and other UTRAX agents like her.

At the end of Hanna Season 3 the CIA gave Hanna another alias, “Grace Elder,” and a US passport so she could settle in Boston. This makes it possible Hanna to “disappear” and start a new life in a whole new country, especially since UTRAX has become known to the public. Hanna grew up in the Romanian wilderness and has traveled all over Europe, but by moving to the United States with a new identity, she can make a fresh start and clear up the past.

That means of course Hanna must have left Abbas Naziri, who was essentially her first love. But what Hanna It was much needed to let go of all her bad memories in Europe, which she couldn’t if she stayed for Abbas. Boston is a good destination for Hanna, as the city is full of universities, but also has a quaint and European side, so the super soldier could presumably finish her studies and live a normal life.

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