Here's why Emily in Paris actor Lucas Bravo thinks 'being famous is the worst thing'

By now, many of us have gone gaga over Emily in Paris’ Gabriel aka Lucas Bravo and his amazing looks! The actor, 33 has become a worldwide sensation as the male lead in Netflix’s hit series who happened to release the high-anticipated second series in the past week.

Now, Bravo has opened up on being in the spotlight with his iconic role and how he took his “overnight” fame and the status of being a “heartthrob.” While speaking about the same, the actor told the Times, via People, that he hasn’t quite grasped the concept of being famous. “I’ve been working for this for ten years…feeling like you’re going in the right direction…Then I was just like a heartthrob overnight,” Bravo revealed.

The actor stated that he doesn’t like being termed as famous for his own reasons. Revealing why, he told the Times, “I think being famous is the worst thing that can happen to you. It’s just smoke. It doesn’t mean anything,” via People. For those unversed, Bravo has been one of the most celebrated actors from the series which is streaming on Netflix. The audience has always been extra dedicated to him, and with Emily aka Lily Collins, many fans would only want Gabriel to end up eventually.


Bravo noted that he has often been typecast because of his appearance which he doesn’t want to be on his way of landing complex roles. “It’s hard to break that image. I’m not complaining, of course, but it’s a reality…I’m, like, this objectified overnight thing,” he told the Times, via People.

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