Hermitcraft Season 9 Release Date: When Does It Start?

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Hermitcraft Season 9 Release Date: When Does It Start?
Hermitcraft Season 9 Release Date: When Does It Start?

Hermitcraft Season 8 recently ended and now millions of Hermit fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Hermitcraft Season 9. Even if the Hermits confirmed that the next season was definitely coming, fans aren’t ready to wait for it. Well, the ending of season 8 was pretty amazing and unique. Hermit posted a similar video where a big moon crashed into the server, and it all ended with a note for the release of Hermitcraft season 9. And here’s your answer on when will Hermitcraft season 9 start? What is the release date of Hermitcraft Season 9?

Hermitcraft is a server that was once not that popular among players or other consumers, but now the server is a hype. As mentioned, it was not that famous so many of us are not aware of the previous seasons of the server. So, in this article, we are going to briefly discuss the history of the Hermitcraft Server. Moreover, for those who don’t know, it’s a server created by famous YouTubers, and on this server, all the hermits try to make their region the best. They joke with others, they form teams, they make their dream house and they do much more.

What is the history of the server?

It was the year 2012 when Minecraft fame grew day by day. Generikb started the SMP and just called his friends because he wanted to have his own SMP where they could have fun. Then the first season of Hermitcraft started where there were 30 Hermits, 26 of them played and made the videos but Sokar didn’t make videos, just played. YouTube wasn’t that famous at the time that these YouTubers could rely on, so they weren’t full-time YouTubers. Season 1 had a lot of issues and difficulties where YouTubers weren’t sure if this server was going to be a success or not, but still they didn’t go away. And season 2 started, but there was no Generikb when he left. So some YouTubers have left and some have been added to the server. Now the server grew and in Season 3 the one and only MumboJumbo entered the SMP.

Hermitcraft Season 9 Release Date: When Does It Start?
Hermitcraft all seasons summary

For example, some famous YouTubers with a lot of views joined the SMP, and some left. When Season 4 started, people started to love the SMP, and Season 4 was going to be the hardest for the Hermits. It was also the shortest season to date. Now, with growing success, the Hermits began to take the series seriously, becoming full-time YouTubers and starting to support their families with that YouTube money. Season 5 was on the rise as the series previously struggled to achieve success in terms of audience, creativity, and other things. But now the series took a different turn and in 2020 the lockdown started and people started to spend more time watching this SMP. Thus, the Hermitcraft series became a huge success.

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