Hostel Tamil Movie (2022): Cast, Teaser, Trailer, Songs, Release Date

Hostel Tamil Movie


You’ve probably heard the buzz about the Tamil movie Hostel. It was shot in T Nagar and revolves around the happenings at a boys’ hostel. Here are some details about the movie. You may even want to watch it on OTT. You won’t be disappointed! Read on to find out more about the cast and OTT. You’ll feel like you’re living inside a movie, as we do.

Movie Details

Hostel is an upcoming Tamil comedy movie directed by Sumanth Radhakrishnan and starring Ashok Selvan and Priya Bhavani Shankar. The film’s story revolves around a girl entering a boy’s hostel, and the comedy ensues when she meets Nasser, played by Munishkanth. The movie’s teaser features music composed by Bobo Sashi and cinematography by Praveen.

The cast of Hostel includes Ashok Selvan, Priya Bhavani Shankar, and Sathish. The movie was shot in Chennai’s T Nagar neighborhood. The location of the movie’s T Nagar set, Aachi House, has been used in several films before. In fact, it was also used for the film Singam. The director revealed a few details of the movie’s set in social media, including the names of the three main characters.


‘Hostel’ is an upcoming Tamil movie directed by Sumanth Radhakrishnan. The film has a strong cast that includes Ashok Selvan, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Nassar, Munishkanth, Ravi Maria, and others. The cast and crew of the film have been revealed on the internet after a picture of the film’s censor details went viral.

This Tamil comedy movie features Ashok Selvan, Priya Bhavani Shankar, and Nasser in leading roles. It is produced by R Ravindran and has music by Bobo Sashi. The film is directed by Sumanth Radhakrishnan and features a strong cast that is backed by some solid performances. The film’s trailer will be released soon, so it’s worth catching up with this film if you’re a fan of the actor.


The film is based on a real-life event and has been directed by the popular director Ajith Kumar. The story follows two young people – a girl named Adhishta Lakshmi and her college friend Bhanuprasad. In the hostel, Bhanu drops her from an auto rickshaw, which she thinks was an attempt to escape. However, it turns out that Bhanu was only trying to get away with her boyfriend’s gold chain.

Bhanu opens his room reluctantly to find the girl, Lakshmi (Nasser), hiding in the room. Later, he discovers that his friends are aware of Lakshmi’s identity, and that she has come to the hostel to get away from her lover, Premraj (Roshan Mathew). However, Bhanu’s attempts to escape fail, and he and his friends discover that Bhanu is in love with Lakshmi and that she is not interested in him. In addition, Bhanu’s friend, Remo, keeps flirting with Lakshmi, which makes her more appealing to Bhanu.


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