How to Get Stylish Name in BGMI [Battlegrounds Mobile India]

How to Get Stylish Name in BGMI [Battlegrounds Mobile India]
How to Get Stylish Name in BGMI [Battlegrounds Mobile India]
Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is the newly launched game and it is the next version of the PUBG game. The game has been reworked in many aspects to deliver the best possible gaming experience. It has improved the graphic interface and added special features to elevate game standards. The game introduced certain limitations for persons below 18 years along with parental control. It is a combat game where 100 online players compete for survival. You can make a fancy and stylish name for your BGMI profile. Let’s see how to get the stylish name in BGMI using a name generator.

BGMI Name Generator is a free name generator created by Battleground Mobile Guru. It has 23 different fonts like aesthetic, fraktur, bubble, to get the stylish name on the BGMI Profile. The name generator offers various special symbols to add to the name. It also provides suggestions for the BGMI profile name at the bottom of the site. The rename card is necessary to rename your profile name in BGMI. It displays the name in all the available fonts at the bottom for easy comparison.

How to Get the Name in BGMI

(1). Launch the Google Chrome browser on your smartphone and open the BGMI Name Generator created by Battlegrounds Mobile Guru.

(2). The generator will open on your device immediately.

(3). Move to the Name Generator section and type the name in the text box.

(4). Scroll down and choose the Symbols to add in the name.

(5). Click Generate and it changes the name in the below fonts.

How to get Stylish Name in BGMI

(6). Choose the Stylish name for the BGMI Profile and select Copy to copy the name to the clipboard.

(7). Launch the BGMI game.

(8). Go to Inventory and select the Rename card.

(9). Tap the Use menu and paste the name that you copied on the generator.

How to get Stylish Name in BGMI

(10). Click OK to save the changes.

How to get Stylish Name in BGMI

Now, you can make the best name for BGMI with stylish symbols and fonts. The BGMI name generator will also have a lot of interesting fonts and symbols to use on your name. Visit the Techkashif website for further updates.

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