How to Switch to Dark Mode on Twitter Mobile App, Website


Twitter logo. (Image Credit: Reuters)

Twitter logo. (Image Credit: Reuters)

Twitter offers different variations of Dark Mode – Dim and Lights Out

Dark mode has been very popular ever since it became a thing. Almost all apps, operating systems, and tools have an option of enabling dark mode, if the system doesn’t switch everything when switched to Dark Mode. Like every other app, social media platforms also come with the option of turning the user interface into a darker theme. However, the settings to enable dark modes are sometimes not very easily accessible and there are specific things a user needs to do, in order to turn on dark mode, based on the app or website a user is on. Today, we will teach you how to turn on dark mode on Twitter mobile app and the website. Read on to find out how to turn on dark mode on Twitter.

How to Switch to Dark Mode on Twitter App

Users need to open their Twitter mobile application, then tap on the hamburger menu button on the top-left corner. From there, users need to go into “Settings and Privacy” > “Display and Sound” > “Dark Mode” > Select preferance. Twitter gives three Dark Mode preferences to users – Off, on, and Automatic at sunset, where the app will go into dark mode after it gets dark outdoors. Further, there are options for users to choose between “Dim” and “Lights Out,” in terms of intensity of dark mode.

How to Switch to Dark Mode on Twitter Website

Users need to log in to Twitter for switching to Dark Mode. Then, they need to click the “More” button on the left side of the screen (right above the “tweet” button). Then users need to open Settings and Privacy > Accessibility, Display, and Languages > Display. On the bottom of the “Display” screen, there will be a “Background” tab, which will show users three options – Default, Dim, and Lights Out – same as the smartphone app. “Dim” and “Lights Out” are variations of dark mode on Twitter.

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