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I’m Glad Industry Sees Woman can be Actor and Mother at Same Time: Anita Hassanandani



I'm Glad Industry Sees Woman can be Actor and Mother at Same Time: Anita Hassanandani

Motherhood was worth the wait for actress Anita Hassanandani, 39, who welcomed her first child earlier this year. Anita and her husband Rohit Reddy were blessed with a baby boy on February 9. Even though there are more than a few myths and misconceptions when it comes to women conceiving in the late 30s, Anita believes that “age is just a number.”

“I have a cousin who also conceived simultaneously almost like a month here and there and I’d keep asking her, ‘is it the same for you the way it is for me? Honestly, it feels exactly the same as it would feel to a woman in her 20s. It’s all about having a good lifestyle, a happy mind frame and a positive mindset. It’s also about your family supporting and guiding you through. Rohit was so hands-on with everything, from reading all the baby books to taking care of my diet and everything else.”

“I remember I’d always be worried and go to my gynecologist and ask her, ‘if I can do this or that because I’m 39,’ and she would tell me to relax, eat right, do a little bit of yoga and be happy. So, I’d like to tell all the 30-year-olds and beyond that age is just a number, stay positive and have a good lifestyle,” said Anita.

Celebrity mothers have often spoken out about the struggles of being working moms and coming to terms with an internal battle of not doing enough for their kids. As for how she deals with mom guilt, Anita swears by going with the flow and trying to be present not thinking and worrying about the future.

“When I was pregnant, people would ask me when I’m going to get back to work and my answer would always be, ‘I’ll just go with the flow.’ Then once Aaravv came along, I was spending so much time with him and it has just become so that he’s my priority right now. When I’m ready to get back to work, it might worry me a little because the more time I spend with him I’ll get more and more attached. But Rohit has been so supportive. He’s such a hands-on father, be it changing Aaravv’s diapers or doing his other work. So I think even I get back to work, I’m sure it’ll be a smooth transition, said Anita, who recently joined Pampers’ #ItTakes2 campaign to raise awareness on the importance of equal parenting.

“But as of now, I don’t want to spoil the time that I have with Aaravv by overthinking about the future. I don’t want to pressure myself or Rohit. I believe that when work will be ready for me, I’m sure I’ll be ready for work too.”

Earlier, there was notion that becoming a mother could hinder an actress’ career in showbiz, but Anita believes times are changing and so is the perception of the entertainment industry about celebrity mothers.

“Women themselves are multi-taskers and I’m glad that the industry sees that and understands that a woman can be an actor and a mother at the same time. I’m sure the day I decide to get back to work, in no time I’ll be shooting. It’s all evolving. I feel all the men are realising the fact that women and men stand on the same page. As soon as a mother wants, she can get back to work, not only acting per se but in any industry.”

Talking about her plans of resuming work, Anita said, “Honestly, when I was pregnant I told Rohit that I’m going to be at home maximum for 2-3 months and then I’m going to get back to work because I have been working since the age of 16. And, Rohit also understood at that point and told me not to worry and that ‘we’ll figure out and manage.’ But since the time I have had Aaravv, I swear work doesn’t even cross my mind.”

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