Indian TV’s ‘Chand Ka Tukda’ Challenge Saw 2 Men Literally Breaking a Piece of Moon. Sorry, Science


Legend has it that when Indian TV serials are written, science and logic take the farthest seat. And with their new found love for paranormal and mythical stories the seat has even gone farther. In the latest disservice to science, a clip from a serial is going viral that shows two men actually aiming for the moon and breaking a part of it because their lady love threw something like a chaand ka tukdaa challenge. Equipped with a normal car, some laser like wand and a lot courage and zero science, the two go for this out-of the-world challenge and try to break a part of the moon. One of them even manages to…ummmm..break a part of the moon and then everyone on the screen is happy. It all begins with an emotionally charged bride throwing this chaand ka tukda challenge declaring that whosoever gets her a piece of moon will be eligible to marry her. What an out-of-the-world demand? What unfolds on screen for the next minute is chaos. One man aims at the moon with some laser-like object, while the other one propels in his car towards the sky, as though it were a rocket, and reaches near the moon to break a part of moon which then falls on the ground. NASA? Elon Musk? You might want to see this marvel. Take a look:

These are some serious couple goals! Indian TV series are a gift that keep on giving. Rasode mai kaun tha, the laptop washing scene, etc are some iconic moments of peak Indian TV. Recently a video of accidental shaadi went viral giving us our collective jawdrop moment. The scene shows a sindoor inadvertently falling on a woman’s head after it got stuck on the hero’s sleeve, just like that, without any explanation. If there are some awards for such iconic moments in Indian TV series, we might have another nomination of a woman who just trips, falls unconscious into a suitcase which then gets zipped on its own. Next scene is the suitcase (and the woman in it) drowning in the swimming pool. This left people with only one question, HOW. Science may have answers, but who bothers about basic things like that. Hah! RIP Science.


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