Is Batwoman New On The CW Tonight? Poison Ivy, Penguin Season 3 Talk

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Is Batwoman New On The CW Tonight?  Poison Ivy, Penguin Season 3 Talk

Is batwoman new tonight on The CW? For anyone interested in an answer or a look at the future, within this part we are happy to help you further.

However, the first order of business we have here is to get some of the bad news out of the way: No new episode airs on the network tonight. As for why, it’s twofold: today is July 4, and last week was the final anyway. Even if there used to be one more new episode left in the order of the show, there’s almost a 0% chance they’ll release it on a day like this when so many other things are going on.

We know a number of different things have already been cemented in about the season — starting with Commander Kane and Kate’s exits. There’s also a lingering mystery caused by the end of the Season 2 finale – the possibility of Poison Ivy or the Penguin appearing in this world.

Do we recognize that these two villains are more iconic because they are opponents of Batman than Batwoman? Sure, but we honestly don’t mind some of these iconic foes jumping between the two. The only Batman villain who feels he should be 100% exclusive to the Dark Knight is the Joker. Otherwise, we’d love to see what the show does with these characters. We don’t think there’s any guarantee that the producers will choose to shoot them right away, but after that cliffhanger it would almost feel like a betrayal if they don’t come up at all.

If there’s one other part of season 3 that feels inevitable at this point, it’s the idea of ​​learning more about Ryan Wilder’s mother. As with Poison Ivy and Penguin, towards the end of the finale, we got a sense that something more was coming.

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What would you most like to see when it comes to batwoman moving forward?

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