Is Saturday Night Live New On NBC Tonight, July 31, 2021?


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Is Saturday Night Live new tonight on NBC? If you’re wondering that question as the month of July draws to a close, we’re here to help!

We won’t be messing around here, so let’s get the bad news out of the way now: there’s no episode airing tonight. What is the reasoning? It’s the same as the past few weeks – we’re still in the middle of the long summer break. While we may now have more news about the returning cast each week, we’re still a good way out for new cast members — or, possibly, learning who will be hosting the premiere.

In the end, most of the headlines related to the show over the past few days have not been of the extremely positive variety – instead, they revolve around some of the controversial comments from cast member/ Weekend update co-anchor Michael Che on the Olympics and Simone Biles. It’s not the first time Che has come under fire for jokes – or, in this case, sharing and/or rating jokes made by other people. It may not be the last. This may not affect his future on the show at all, but it’s something that’s fluttering around in the press right now. (Che currently only has one post on his Instagram, advertising a stand-up show tonight.)

By the time SNL returns, the Olympics will probably be a distant memory. We think for the future of the show, the most important thing it needs to do is find and embrace more established characters. That’s something they’ve struggled with for a long time, partly because they lean so heavily into politics. That’s understandable, but it sometimes limits what some of the long-term cast members can do with material.

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What would you most like to see when it comes to Saturday Night Live moving forward?

Do you regret that the show is off the air for a few more months? Be sure to share it in the comments now! Once you’ve done that, stay tuned to get other news about the series.

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