Jai Bhim movie controversy makes us stand behind Suriya Go!

Jai Bhim movie controversy makes us stand behind Suriya Go!
Jai Bhim movie controversy makes us stand behind Suriya Go!

The movie ‘Jai Bhim’ starring Suriya, which will be released on Amazon Prime, has received many controversial reviews from political parties. At the same time, the controversy surrounding the film is not over.

Based on a true story, Surya plays the role of the lawyer who fights for the tribes. The film was well received and received good reactions from the viewers. The positive comments are higher than the negative comments. The response from viewers was more than expected.

Anbumani Ramadass, the youth leader of the PMK, had published a letter about the film ‘Jai Bhim’ that raises nine questions. Surya, answering these questions, mentioned the beginning of the film: “We would like to point out that not all characters, names and incidents in the film are mentioned personally.”

However, the lawyer’s message was sent to actor Surya and Amazon on behalf of the Vanniyar Sangam, as the question of how Anthony Samy was changed to Guru Murthy and why the others’ name was based on the true incident was constantly posed on social media.

The state president of Vanniyar Sangam Arulmozhi has issued a legal notice to actor Suriya and Jyotika, Amazon Prime Video and director TJ Gnanavel requesting an apology and the removal of the unwanted scenes from the film Jai Bhim that allegedly defame the Vanniyar community.

It is mentioned that the Vanniyar society is misrepresented in this movie. For this, actor Surya has to pay a fee of Rs 5 crore within seven days. And must also apologize through the newspaper and the other media for misrepresenting the Vanniyar community. So if they don’t apologize within 24 hours, civil and criminal proceedings will be launched against them, the report said.

After the ongoing controversies over the film Jai Bhim, many are coming forward to support the film team and actor Suriya. The hashtag We Stand With Suriya is trending on Twitter. In addition, Jai Bhim has been given a rating of 9.6/10 on IMDb.

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