K Manisha (Jeevitham Foundation) Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Images

K Manisha (Jeevitham Foundation) Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Images
K Manisha (Jeevitham Foundation) Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Images


You may have heard about K Manisha, a 22-year-old lecturer in the Nandha College of Nursing in Erode district. In the past 18 months, she has rescued close to 150 homeless people, including drug addicts, destitutes, and people who are begging. Many of them are suffering from severe diseases and other issues. Read on to know more about her mission. Below are a few facts about K Manisha:


K Manisha Koirala is a famous Nepalese actress who has gained fame in India through her work in Bollywood films. She has worked mostly in Hindi and Tamil films, in both commercial and independent cinema. She has received several accolades, including four Filmfare Awards. Biography of K Manisha includes her personal and professional life. The following is a brief biography of K Manisha.

As a child, Manisha had dreams of joining the Indian army and pursuing MBBS, but she could not secure the required marks. As a result, she chose to pursue a nursing career and enrolled at JKKN College of Nursing and Research. During her nursing internship, she rescued a beggar from the streets of Trichy and gave him medical attention. This is one of the most remarkable events in K Manisha’s Biography.


Social Media Profiles

We’ve all been curious about K Manisha Dutt’s personal life, but did you know that she’s a cancer survivor? The actress made her comeback in the 2016 film Dear Maya after undergoing cancer treatment. She’s since appeared in several films, including Sanju and Prassthanam. But what is really inspiring about K Manisha’s social media profiles? First of all, it’s not only her acting career – she’s also a keen trekker. You can find out more about her travels to Nepal by checking out the pictures and videos on her Instagram and Facebook accounts.


A list of interesting facts about K Manisha will provide you with a background on the actress. There are numerous facts about her like her favorite personalities, food, and holiday destinations. In addition to this, you’ll find out about her favorite hobbies, as well. To start, Manisha likes to do push-ups, crunches, and squats, and is fond of dancing. In addition, you’ll learn that she spends time on her homework before she goes on set for a role.

Born on August 16, 1970, Manisha Koirala belongs to a family that is politically prominent. Her father served as a cabinet minister in Nepal, and her mother was a housewife. Manisha’s grandfather was the Prime Minister of Nepal for two years. Manisha’s brother is also an actor. Among other interesting facts about K Manisha, she is an award-winning film producer.

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