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Kangana Ranaut says ‘never push someone to a point where they have nothing to lose, they turn dangerous’



Kangana Ranaut says 'never push someone to a point where they have nothing to lose, they turn dangerous'

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Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut on Tuesday shared a sassy photo on Twitter and said that she cannot be pushed down by anyone. Kangana has been very active on Twitter since she joined the social media platform last month. She has been not just talking about nepotism in Bollywood and drugs case in connection to Sushant Singh Rajput but has been in the headline for her war of words with the Maharashtra government that started after she compared Mumbai with Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and called the city’s police force a “sham.”

Taking to Twitter, Kangana said, “A woman’s compassion and gentleness are often taken for her weakness, never push someone to a point where they have nothing to loose anymore, you only give them a freedom not many know, such people don’t only become dangerous but lethal as well.”

Earlier on Monday, Kangana returned to her hometown Manali as her relationship with the Shiv Sena-led Maharashtra government got worse. “With a heavy heart leaving Mumbai, the way I was terrorised all these days constant attacks and abuses hurled at me attempts to break my house after my work place, alert security with lethal weapons around me, must say my analogy about POK was bang on,” the actress had tweeted. Targetting the ruling party, the 33-year-old actor said the protectors had declared themselves to be “destroyers” and were working towards dismantling democracy. “But they are wrong to think I’m weak. By threatening and abusing a woman, they are ruining their own image,” she added.

Also, Kangana Ranaut claimed that the basic problem of Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray is that she has exposed the movie mafia, the murderers of actor Sushant Singh Rajput and the drug racket. She also claimed the chief minister’s son Aaditya Thackeray hangs out with such people.

“Basic problem of Maharashtra CM is why I exposed movie mafia, murderers of SSR and its drug racket, who his beloved son Aaditya Thakeray hangs out with, this is my big crime so now they want to fix me, ok try let’s see who fixes who,” she tweeted on Monday.

Meanwhile, on September 9, the actress arrived in Mumbai amid tight security. On the same day, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation had conducted a demolition drive at her Mumbai office, razing portions that they claimed were illegally built. Later, Kangana moved the Bombay High Court to get a stay on BMC demolishing her property. On Thursday, after hearing the two parties, the high court ordered that both sides will maintain a status quo in the matter and will hear the case on Sep. 22 after the BMC urged that Ranaut must not be permitted to carry out any work on her property till the next hearing.


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