Kanye West Begins ‘DONDA’ Live Stream on Apple Music


Kanye West Begins 'DONDA' Live Stream on Apple Music

The rapper will preview his new album tonight (August 5) at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.
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Kanye West has begun a livestream on Apple Music ahead of its second “DONDA” listening event in Atlanta tonight (Aug. 5).

The rapper and producer’s tenth studio album was initially slated for release on July 23 the first live event at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, but his arrival was subsequently pushed back to August 6..

West has now started live streaming from what appears to be his modest dressing room at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, where he has reportedly lived for the past two weeks.

The stream – which appears to have no sound, but does have a countdown clock – is currently available to view on Apple Music, explaining: “This exclusive livestream event features Kanye West preparing and presenting his 10th album ‘Danda’, live from the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.”

.@Kanye West prepares and presents his 10th album #Donda, live from Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium during an exclusive livestream event.

Watch it now, only on Apple Music:https://t.co/w5603YUviT pic.twitter.com/HR4tRd0YZC

— Apple Music (@AppleMusic) August 5, 2021

Until now, the livestream featured West’s frequent producer and collaborator Mike Dean, while Chance The Rapper, Steve Lacy and Vic Mensa have also visited West in his one bedroom room.

West, who only appeared masked in the live stream, appears to have a scaled-down shooting setup in the room, while also being filmed playing sports.


— TeamKanyeDaily (@TeamKanyeDaily) August 5, 2021

.@Kanye West lifting weights and doing push-ups on the #DONDA live stream tonight. (8.5.21) pic.twitter.com/RpVGd9T1SO

— Photos by Kanye West (@PhotosOfKanye) August 5, 2021

.@Kanye West doing push ups on the #DONDA live stream tonight. (8.5.21) pic.twitter.com/a2bHUkq1TE

— Photos by Kanye West (@PhotosOfKanye) August 5, 2021

Currently on the #DONDA live stream… pic.twitter.com/zaVsQm3RBg

— Photos by Kanye West (@PhotosOfKanye) August 5, 2021

It’s just a bunch of people hanging out, someone getting a haircut, Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa, Fivio Foreign & Steve Lacy have all walked in. Wtf is happening pic.twitter.com/kzEqL7NGc4

— Jamie 🏕️ (@JamieVBM) August 5, 2021

A list of coordinates – including locations in London, Cardiff and Edinburgh – has also been shared on West’s website to direct fans around the world to areas where they can watch the live stream publicly.

The live stream is coming West’s second listening event tonight at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Yesterday (August 4) a casting call has been sent for fans to participate in “audience participation” during the event.

It is speculated that The Weeknd Will Make a Guest Appearance on ‘DONDA’ after West shared an image of an iPhone call log that showed a call to the ‘after hours’ star.

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