KBC 13: Contestant Akash Waghmare lost Rs 9.3 lakh after he failed to answer THIS question; Can you guess?

The Wednesday episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati began with a roll-over contestant Akash Waghmare. The 27-year-old contestant works as a delivery person. Akash recently completed his MA and is now preparing for competitive exams and aims to secure the job of police sub-inspector. Akash had won Rs 10,000 in the previous episode. In today’s episode, he took home Rs 3.2 lakh after he gave an incorrect answer and lost Rs 9.3 lakh. 

Today, after Akash bagged Rs 20,000, Amitabh Bachchan spoke to his parents in Marathi and they expressed happiness to see their son on the hot seat. Akash used his first lifeline for Rs 80,000 worth question and gave the correct answer. He went to answer several questions and used his second lifeline, Flip The Question, for Rs 1.6 lakh. He soon crossed the mark of Rs 3.2 lakh. Akash was doubtful on the Rs 6.4 lakh question but went with his instinct and gave the correct answer. 

After using two of his lifelines, Akash Waghmare won Rs 12.5 lakh. For the next question, he wasn’t sure, but still went ahead with it, which turned out to be incorrect. He lost Rs 9.3 lakh. Wondering what the question was? 

The spacecraft Hope became the first probe from the middle east to enter the orbit of Mars. Which country’s mission was Hope?

The four options were: Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar

The correct answer: United Arab Emirates

The upcoming ‘Shaandaar Shukravaar’ episode of KBC 13 will feature two sports stalwarts as special guests Neeraj Chopra and P.R. Sreejesh. 


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