Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 Written Update 31 July 2021: Atyachaar Week – LIVE


Today’s new episode (31 July 2021) of Khatron Ke Khiladi season 11 (KKK 11) starts with Rohit Shetty’s entry announcing new week.

Note: We added this article live while watching this episode. Enjoy reading.

Rohit announces this week as Atyachaar Week where all the contestants will get more torture this week.

Everybody gets scared hearing this and post seeing the Atyachar Special Officers (ASO).

Atyachar officers locked Aastha-Rahul and Saurabh-Shweta in the box and took them away.

Remaining other contestants are also worried and scared.

Rohit Shetty plays a fun game with all the 4 locked contestants.

First Stunt of 31st July 2021

Now it’s time for the first stunt of Atyachaar Week which will be performed by Rahul-Aastha and Saurabh-Shweta.

It is a partner stunt where there are 35 pigs in the cage and once the stunt starts, partners will have to crawl inside the cage to transfer lemons from one end to the other.

Rahul-Astha starts first and performed it well.

Now Shweta-Saurabh start the stunt and performed well.

Rahul-Astha transferred 12 lemons while Saurabh-Shweta transferred 16 lemons 🍋🍋. So, Rahul-Aastha got fear fanda.

Nikki Tamboli is back

Rohit Shetty gives surprise to everyone by welcoming Nikki Tamboli again in the game.

Nikki performs a welcome task in the same cage.

Everybody gets scared seeing ASOs once again. They gave a task to count beans whole night to give mental atyachaar.

Second Stunt of 31st July 2021

Now it’s time for the second stunt of the night.

It is also a partner stunt where both the partners will be hooked on a channel which is attached with a running speedboat. Once the stunt starts, 1 partner will have to move from one end to other to get flag and handover it to the other partner. Now this partner will hook this flag at his/her next end. Once all the 10 flags are hooked, they will have to unlock himself and jump into the water.

Arjun-Anushka, Abhinav-Nikki, and Varun-Sana will do this stunt in the same order.

Anushka-Arjun starts the stunt but unfortunately they failed to complete it.

Now Abhinav-Nikki starts the stunt and performed it well.

Sana-Varun starts the stunt and they also performed it well.

Arjun-Anushka hooked 0 flags, Abhinav-Nikki got 6 flags but they hooked 4 flags. While Varun-Sana got 7 flags but they hooked only 5 flags. So, it’s clear Arjun-Anushka gets the fear fanda.

Third Stunt of 31st July 2021

Now it’s time for the third stunt which will be done by Divyanka, Vishal Aditya Singh, and Mahek.

But before this they will have bear the torture to reach to the stunt place.

ASO locks all these 3 contestants in the Freezer Tank.

Now it’s time for the actual stunt which will be performed by these 3.

A contestant will be standing on a hanging platform were he/she will have to move from start point to the end point. But in between this points, there are many swings which he/she will have to cross. At the end, he/she will have to jump into the water.

Mahek starts the stunt and performed it well.

Now Divyanka starts the stunt and performed well.

Vishal starts the stunt but unfortunately he failed to complete the stunt.

Mahek completed the stunt in 10 mins 34 secs while Divyanka took 3 mins 36 secs. So, Vishal and Mahek gets the fear fanda. (episode ends)

Precap: Atyachaar Week continues where all the fear fanda holders will get a chance to remove them followed by the elimination stunt.

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