Kirti Kulhari announces separation from husband Saahil: ‘Not on paper but in life’ – Times of India


Kirti Kulhari announces separation from her husband Saahil Sehgal on social media. The actress revealed that the separation is not on paper but in life. She also clarifies that she will not be commenting further on it.

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She wrote, ‘A simple note to let everyone know that my husband Saahil and I have decided to separate. Not on papers, but in life. A decision that’s probably harder than the decision of “being with somebody”, because coming together is celebrated by everyone you love and care about.’

Elaborating further, she added, ‘And the decision of “not being with somebody” brings along pain and hurt to the same people. It’s not easy. Guess it is not meant to be easy but IT IS WHAT IT IS.’

Kirti went on to say, ‘To all those who really care, I am in a good place and hope everyone who matters in my life is too. Will not be commenting further on this. Upward and Onward… Always.’

In an earlier interview with ETimes, Kirti opened up on her marriage and said, “Even the media didn’t know for a while that I was married. And that’s primarily because I wasn’t big enough (star) for people to be interested in knowing whether I’m married or not. I got very well known post ‘Pink’ and I got married 3-4 months before ‘Pink’ released. And also, I’m somebody who would not reveal too much about my personal life.”

In another interview with ETimes, she had stated that her marriage has had a positive impact on her career. She had said, “I did not set out to become that woman but I think my marriage kind of coincided with Bollywood going through that change in mindset in the society. It is like you can be 30 and above and still be acting. You can be married, have kids, and still be acting. The industry was going through the transformation and I just joined the bandwagon.”


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