Kochaal Movie Review : A police drama that falls short

Kochaal Movie Review


Story: A small man is keen to become an officer in the police force however, he is disqualified due to his size. He is made a constable when his father’s death in the line of duty, but the constable still gets snarky comments about his size

Review Kochal’s (Krishna Shankar) parents convinced him that being a police officer was his destiny even however, though he’s not tall. However, when Sreekuttan Kochal, also known as Kochi is selected for the police He is slammed and is sent home. But, Sreekuttan gets his chance to become a city police officer after his father, a police officer (Renji Panicker) passes away in a huge landslide. However, now, despite all the comments about his height and height among his colleagues, he needs to show his value as a skilled police officer.

Kochaal Movie Review

The plot is unique and interesting, but the screenplay written by Midhun P Madhavan, and Prajith Purushan doesn’t have the grit that would make the film more interesting to watch. The editing could be better The crime investigation that occurs in the latter part seems to go on forever with the protagonist suspended along with DySP Simon Thomas (Murali Gopy) as well as his police team carrying out various parallel investigations.

In addition to cutting down on length, a better screenplay and editing could have lifted the film and added more interest. There is a sense of suspense that keeps the film moving however, it is absurd and uninspiring. The story’s real-time action begins after the interval.

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Cinematography by Jomon Thomas makes for a pleasant experience, particularly the sequence with the singer Ilamazha Chattin and the suspenseful scenes. BGM created by Manikandan Ayyappa is well-integrated with suspense.

Krishna Shankar is okay in his role as well as Shine Tom Chako, who has become the most popular choice for an anti-hero, does very well. Murali Gopy’s portrayal of DySP who is in the charge of a murder investigation is an excellent actor with His body language and management of mood swings, as well as the way he portrays an unpredictable character are enjoyable to observe.

Shyam Mohan’s direction fails in providing a full view of the protagonist’s life, love life, family, etc which is why the character doesn’t stand out and you can’t feel for his character.


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