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Krishna Vrinda Vihari Movie

The upcoming Telugu romantic family entertainer movie Krishna Vrinda Vihari has a star-studded cast and is set in the Hindu community. It is directed by Anish R Krishna and stars Shirley Setia and Naga Shaurya. The cast also includes Anisha Shetty and Rahul Ramakrishna. It is scheduled for release on April 22, 2019. We will have to wait a little longer before finding out its release date.

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Krishna Vrinda Vihari Movie Details

Director Aneesh R Krishna
Producer Usha Mulpuri
Genre Romantic Comedy Drama
Cast Naga Shaurya, Shirley Setia, Raadhika
Cinematographer Yet to be updated
Editor Yet to be updated
Music Swara Sagar Mahathi
Production Company Ira Creations.
Release date April 22, 2022
Language Telugu


This film is a love story of Lord Krishna and his mother Radhika. It is based on the epic poem by Bhagwatam Gita. The film is a touching love story and will appeal to the hearts of young boys and women. The love story is inspired by the life of Lord Krishna and his mother, Radhika. The beautiful movie will be released in mid-2020 and will make the summer special.


Shirley Setia and Naga Shaurya are two of the main cast members of Krishna Vrinda Vihari. Both of them will be seen as young Brahmins. The film is a love story about a young man who falls in love with a virgin. The film is a romantic comedy that features a number of talented actors and actresses. If you’ve been waiting for a good movie to release this year, you’re in luck. urmarilda Sri Ramakrishna

Krishna Vrinda Vihari Movie (2022)

The first trailer of the upcoming Krishna Vrinda Vihari movie has been released. It features the lovely babes of Brahman Krishna. The film also stars a hilarious couple – Anish R. Krishna and Shirley Setia. The upcoming release will be released on April 22, a summer special on TV. If you haven’t seen the teaser yet, you have plenty of time to catch up on all the movie gossip.

Aside from the upcoming Krishna Vrinda Vihari movie, this film will feature Shirley Setia and Naga Shourya in lead roles. The film will be directed by Anish R Krishna and will feature Anish Shourya and Radhika as Brahman Krishna’s mother and father respectively. If you are looking for a Telugu release, don’t miss the movie!

The story revolves around a Brahmin couple, Radhika’s character is a young Brahmin. Her role in the film is to be Satya’s wife. She has a beautiful personality and she is also a good match for Krishna. Anish R Krishna is the writer of the film. Sherley Setia is the ‘Grinda’. The movie is a remake of an Indian classic, so it may be a hit in India.

A Brahmin family drama that will be a great summer film for families. Narrated by Anish R Krishna, the movie is set in the Hindu community and stars Naga Shourya and Shirley Setti. In addition to a Brahmin family, Radhika plays Radhika’s mother. The film is a love story, which is about two brothers. The plot revolves around the relationship between the two families.

The movie is being directed by Anish R Krishna. The project is bankrolled by Usha Mulpuri and has a cast of Naga Shourya, Shirley Setia, Anisha Shourya, and Anisha Shourya. The film is set for a mid-2022 release. It is a religious drama with a romantic twist! So, go watch the film and share the love between the two!

The movie will feature Naga Shourya and Shirley Setia in the lead roles. The movie’s poster is adorned with a wedding tilak, and Shirley Setia is in a bridal outfit. The film’s poster shows the two actors in different bridal outfits. The posters also showcase the film’s cast. The actresses’ characters in the Krishna Vrinda Vihari Movie are a great match for each other.

Naga Shourya and Shirley Setia star in the film. The movie will be a romantic drama with many twists and turns. The director Anish R Krishna has a reputation for directing family-friendly films and he has a lot of success to his name. He has a huge fan following with a wide range of Bollywood movies and he has worked with several of them. Hopefully, he will find one he loves and will want to see again.


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Krishna Vrinda Vihari Movie


The soundtracks, music of the upcoming Krishna Vrinda Vihari movie will be released soon.

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