Locke & Key End of Season 2 Explained

Locke & Key End of Season 2 Explained
Locke & Key End of Season 2 Explained


Devastated by the loss of his girlfriend after the Alpha Key failed to save her, Tyler Locke decides that Gabe/Dodge must be killed. It’s a good decision, because Gabe plans to send his horde of demons to Keyhouse to kill Nina Locke (and all the other Lockes they can get their hands on), with the exception of Kinsey, who is obsessed with the Gabe version of Dodge Hit by. Gabe wants her to join him voluntarily.


In the final showdown, the Locke siblings and Uncle Duncan have no intention of sitting around waiting to be attacked again, so they attack Gabe’s cliff-edge villa and Kinsey pretends to save herself. the cliff tosses with the Angel Key as a distraction, while Duncan, Tyler and Scot try to break into the vault and get their hands on the Demon Key. Unfortunately, Gabe/Dodge and the treasure are too powerful, but Duncan has an unexpected trick up his sleeve: his blood is tied to the Demon Key, and he can therefore command the treasure.

The treasure turns and attacks Dodge on Duncan’s orders, and he grabs the Demon Key. To save Kinsey, Tyler uses the Alpha Key on Dodge, seemingly killing her and restoring the still-teenage Lucas to his pristine state, who returns all of Dodge’s collected keys to Kinsey, explaining that he had no control over the actions of dodge.

Meanwhile, Ellie comes home disoriented after being freed, but she still resembles Dodge and is looking for Rufus, who is long gone. She goes to Keyhouse, where she meets Bode alone and convinces him that she is indeed Ellie and not Dodge. Later, Duncan, Lucas, and the Locke siblings return home and restore Ellie to her true appearance using the identity key, and she and Lucas have a chance to reconcile well after so many decades apart. Later still, Ellie is also reunited with Rufus.

Is Dodge really dead?

It sure looks like it! Now that the Echo demon has been ripped from Lucas’s body, it’s obvious it would disintegrate or instantly turn into Whispering Iron, but with Gabe’s villa collapsing into the sea, it’d be hard to speculate whether something of the demon remained. Something tells us the evil Dodge isn’t really gone for good, but with a new villain set to terrorize the Lockes in Season 3, that chapter may now be completely over.


With most of their bigger problems seemingly solved, the Lockes begin to move on as summer vacation approaches. Tyler decides to travel during the winter break and deletes the memorable video he shot with his late girlfriend, knowing that his 18th birthday is approaching and he will soon forget the magic of Keyhouse. It seems that in his grief Tyler has decided that he does not want to remember the horrors he experienced, and he gives his keys to Kinsey before he leaves. Bode and Kinsey aren’t convinced this is the right move, so we may see a turnaround of Tyler early in Season 3 if danger looms.

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