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Melody Hurd

For fans of Melody Hurd, a few of the more unknown facts about her will come as no surprise. From her Biography to her various Social Media profiles, this article aims to shed some light on some of her less-known facts. Read on to learn more about her amazing acting talents. You’ll also be surprised by some of her unexpected achievements. In addition to her role in The Walking Dead, she has a surprisingly diverse acting background.

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If you’re looking for Melody Hurd’s biography, you’ve come to the right place. This nine-year-old beauty is an international star. Melody’s parents are actors and model Fred Hurd II, and her younger sister Rhythm Hurd is a social media influencer and actress. Her mother, who is a former fashion model, has no formal educational background. But this does not mean that she isn’t talented – she has been featured on television shows such as Ellen, The Today Show, and The Ellen Present.


While still in school, Melody Hurd’s parents began publishing snapshots of her modeling capabilities and dancing videos. They took her to modeling competitions, and Melody was cast as Kadasha in ‘We Are Washington’. She also acted in a variety of live shows and movies for kids. In addition, she starred in the 2017 horror film Trick as Janice, as well as the comedy ‘Fatherhood’ with Kevin Hart.

Social Media Profiles

If you’re looking for the latest information about the famous American actress, you should look at her social media profiles. The young star is currently a rising sensation on social media. She started her career as a model, picking her name after her mother, Nisha Hurd. In her early years, she participated in several kids’ modeling contests, and her photos were featured in many magazines. Then, she got into acting, and gained her first following through Instagram. She went on to appear in ‘Battle at Big Rock’ as a character named Kadasha, and in ‘Trick’ as Janice.

If you want to reach Melody Hurd, follow her on Instagram and Twitter. The actress is also active on YouTube. Her social media accounts are easy to find and follow. The site is an ideal platform for you to connect with influencers. Then, simply follow her on the platforms to get more exposure and grow your business. After all, everyone loves following celebrities, and if you’re looking for a fresh new look for your Instagram profile, follow her.

Unknown Facts

If you’ve always been curious about the rising star Melody Hurd, you’ll find out her interesting facts right here. She’s one of the most promising young actresses of her generation, starring in films such as Fatherdood in 2021 and Trick. She has also portrayed characters like Janice in Trick, Gracie Emory in Them, and Kadasha in Battle at Big Rock. She grew up in Maryland and was joined by her mother, Shahadi Wright Joseph.

Although Melody Hurd hasn’t revealed too much about her personal life, she is active on social networking sites. Her mother manages her Instagram account, and she enjoys painting, hosting parties, and gifting clothes. Her father, Henry Emory, is an actor, but his parents have never revealed his identity. Besides acting, Melody Hurd is a dedicated student, and she’s working on a degree in psychology.


List of movies featured by Melody Hurd.

  • Fatherhood (2021)
  • Battle at Big Rock (2019) – Short film
  • Trick (2019)


Here is a list of TV series starred by Melody Hurd.

  • Them (2021-present)

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