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It appears as if Microsoft’s dig-taking ads at Apple aren’t going to stop anytime soon. First Microsoft went after the MacBook and its ‘limitations’ compared to the Surface series of devices. Now, Microsoft has trained its guns on the iPad Pro.
The ad takes a dig at the iPad Pro for being just a “tablet” whereas pitches Surface Pro 7 as a full-fledged computer as well as a tablet.
It’s a short ad but Microsoft has managed to hit at the ‘pain’ points of the iPad Pro quite neatly. For instance, its ays that the iPad Pro doesn’t have a built-in kickstand whereas the Surface comes with it. With the iPad Pro you have to get a Magic Keyboard which is on the heavier side. The ad further stresses on the fact that connectivity remains a problem on the iPad Pro having just a type-C port whereas the Surface Pro 7 offers multiple options.

And then of course there’s the price. The Surface Pro — in the US — starts at $880 whereas the iPad Pro has a starting price of $1,348. This as per the ad is the ‘clincher’ in favour of the Surface Pro.
Recently, Microsoft took a jab at Apple’s MacBook indirectly in a short ad posted on Twitter. Posted on Twitter by Microsoft India account, the short ad doesn’t really name Apple or MacBook. However, it compares Surface with another laptop called ‘BackBook’.
The ad has two laptops — Surface Pro and ‘BackBook’ — next to each other. The ad is all about showing Surface Pro’s flexibility since it can be detached from the keyboard and can ‘stretch’ and ‘sway’. Since it’s a hybrid 2-in-1 device, Surface Pro can be used in tablet mode as well and can be detached. The MacBook — or rather ‘BackBook’ — doesn’t do any of that. Microsoft is suggesting through the ad that you should ‘Upgrade to Surface’.

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