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Moxie: release date, cast, plot and trailer



Moxie: release date, cast, plot and trailer
Moxie: release date, cast, plot and trailer

Moxie: release date, cast, plot and trailer

Moxie: Sexism can be portrayed and has been portrayed in very different ways. Moxie is an upcoming 2021 movie that tackles this topic in a very engaging way. Even with a serious subject in hand, it doesn’t bore the audience as it contains a hint of comedy with a lot of drama.

Release date: Moxie

This Amy Poehler directed movie is distributed by the world’s largest streamer, Netflix. The film is scheduled for release on March 3, 2021. The film will run for approximately one hour and fifty-one minutes. So, catch up with your girl gang while you watch the movie.

Cast: Moxie

Hadley Robinson stars in the movie as a teenage girl, Vivian Carter. Josephine Langford plays the role of Emma Cunningham. Lauren Tsai plays the role of Claudia. Amy Poehler plays Lisa Carter while Patrick Arnold Shriver Schwarzenegger plays Mitchelle Wilson.

Some of the other faces we’ll be seeing in the movie include Ike Barinholtz, Clark Gregg, Nico Hiraga, Sydney Park, Marcia Gray Harden, Josie Totah, and Greg Poehler.

Box: Moxie

Moxie has a teenage girl who is completely introverted. She makes a girlfriend in high school who held her head high. Motivated by her mother’s bad high school experiences and her best friend’s attitude, the shy girl begins to publish Moxie.

The diary spreads like fire in the forest. As Moxie’s popularity grew, students began to oppose sexism. The movie certainly promises us a good time.

The creator of Moxie was a superhero in the eyes of readers because it brought about change. When it comes to superheroes, what do you think of Spider-Man? Disney Plus is going to stream Spider-Man: No Way Home go and have a quick look.

Trailer: “Whoever wrote Moxie is a badass.”