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My COVID story: I have high tolerance for pain and this pain was like no other I ever felt – Times of India



My COVID story: I have high tolerance for pain and this pain was like no other I ever felt - Times of India


April S. O’Malley was taking all precautions but when a contact tested positive, he got himself tested just to find himself COVID positive. His friends dropped soup, cough medicine, ginger ale at his doorstep and checked on him daily as did his son and sister. Here is his story

Originally, when I learned about COVID-19, I was concerned as I’m a senior, have an autoimmune disease and work with many people as an agent listing and selling manufactured homes. I stayed home through April and May, thinking I was being safe. When I did begin going to the office, I carried Lysol Wipes, hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray and wiped down the desk, computer, mouse, chair, phone, conference table, copy machine, etc. I wiped down my keys, vehicle door handles and steering wheel every time I went anywhere and did wear a mask “except at work” as it’s difficult talking on the phone.

I did my best to keep a good distance and always sat at a desk that was further away from the others. Not wearing the mask at work was my downfall and I tested positive on October 8 after I learned that a contact tested positive on October 6. Since I began coughing on October 4, I started my virus counting days then. I almost immediately began having sweats, and a higher temp than my normal 97. I had zero desire to eat or drink. I spent most of my time either watching TV or sleeping, which was difficult as the total body pain was almost unbearable.

I have a high tolerance for pain and this pain was like no other I ever felt. Friends dropped off soup, cough medicine, ginger ale and checked on me daily as did my son and sister via phone calls. I could hardly talk so I increased my texting skills considerably. It seemed every day brought along a new symptom…dizziness, nausea, chills. I took my temperature three times a day and it was 98.6 and 98.4 so I thought I was in the clear; however, I tested positive again on October 19.

Refusing to believe it, I took a Rapid Test October 21 and I was still positive. My temperature stayed at 98.4 and I tested negative on October 27. I was alone (except for my cat), but it’s the best thing as I wouldn’t want to infect anyone else. Believe me. I started going back to work slowly on October 28. I’m still extremely tired, have headaches, eyes get blurry every one in a while and I’m a tad dizzy at times. Another side effect is I have stomach issues. Maybe it’s because for almost 3 weeks I ate next to nothing. If I eat a small breakfast and lunch, I suffer from stomach cramps which turn into loose stools. I realize how fortunate I am to be a survivor and thank all the people who prayed for me. I used to be like the Energizer Bunny; however, now I’m more the tortoise.

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