NEP is empowering education to produce innovation

NEP is empowering education to produce innovation


The National Education Policy (NEP) has been described as student-centric and creative-centric and focused on innovation. It is necessary to include a new term,’research-centric that will concentrate on encouraging students and other others to place more importance on research.

These were the views that were aired by a panel of distinguished speakers during day one of the Conference on

“National Education Policy” (NEP) is a program of The Hans India.

The panelists agreed that the National Education Policy was a good thing, even if it came quite late. They stated it is because the NEP is inclusive. After all, it is inclusive of all and has specific strategies being developed to decrease dropouts in the SCs, STs, and OBCs.

It is expected that the NEP 2020 will produce millions of highly skilled workers as well as entrepreneurs, innovators, and researchers. NEP 2020 is the NEP is a requirement built on the principles of equity, access as well as affordability, quality, and accountability.

The panelists, who were from different areas, Education, Industry, Academics, Universities, and Skill Development stated that the NEP is a good idea if implemented properly. It will transform education and empower students and help students take charge. The discussion generated lots of excitement among students, who were more than 2000 and interested in how the NEP will impact the classes they were taking now.

Some of them had asked panelists “What should we tell our parents when they say, become a doctor or engineer because we need to answer our relations and society. In such circumstances how does one convince them and choose what we want.”

The panelists informed them that change will not happen immediately it was just an introduction and the change would come slowly. Policies alone are not enough to change the world. The combination of knowledge and modern skills will transform the lives of students, and India can be placed ahead of other nations.


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