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NEW DELHI: Even though the government adopted gender budgeting in 2005-06 as a strategy to advance gender mainstreaming, nine states and Union Territories — Goa, Telangana, Haryana, Chandigarh, Meghalaya, Ladakh, Mizoram, Puducherry and Sikkim — are yet to adopt it. So far, 27 states UTs and 37 central ministries and departments have adopted gender budgeting.
The Gender Budget Statement (GBS) is a reporting mechanism to assess budgets which are being allocated for women and girls by different ministries and departments. Data shared by women and child development minister Smriti Irani in a written response to a question in Lok Sabha showed that for 2021-22, Rs 1,53,326 crore has been allocated for women and girls by 43 ministries, departments and UTs.
“In this regard, an amount of Rs 25,260 crore has been allocated under Part ‘A’ (100% women oriented schemes) and an amount of Rs 1,28,065 has been allocated under Part ‘B’ (30-99% women oriented schemes) for financial year 2021-22,” Irani said in the reply.
Based on when each state and UT adopted gender budgeting, they have been classified as ‘early’, ‘subsequent’ and ‘recent’ adopters.
Interestingly, Odisha had a headstart as it adopted gender budgeting in 2004-05. Other states among ‘early adopters’ between 2005 to 2006-07 included Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat, Lakshadweep and West Bengal.
Between 2007-08 to 2009, Madhya Pradesh, J&K, Arunachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Kerala and Nagaland adopted gender budgeting.
Recent adopters, between 2011 to 2020, included Rajasthan (2011), Dadra and Nagar Haveli (2011-12), Andaman & Nicobar Islands (2012), Punjab (2012), Maharashtra (2013), NCT of Delhi (2013-14), Jharkhand (2015-16), Andhra Pradesh (2017), Tamil Nadu (2018-19) and Manipur (2020).

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