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Nissanka Senadhipathi

Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna has thrown her hat into the ring with Avant-Garde Party Chairman Nissanka Senadhipathi over the egg attack that took place near the National People’s Power (NPP) meeting in Kalagedihena last Sunday. Dissanayake was the victim of an egg attack after his vehicle was hit by a group of thugs near the main entrance.


Nissanka Senadhipathi is one of the most influential government figures in Sri Lanka. She has an impressive resume and served in the elite Special Force Regiment of Army Commando. During her time with the army, she also served as the Chief Security Officer at the Old Army Headquarters in Colombo. After retiring from the army in 1996, Senadhipathi went into business, starting her own security service company.

She was recently acquitted of a case in which she was accused of operating a floating armory in the Galle seas. A three-judge bench made up of Justices Aditya Patabendige and Mahen Weeraman heard the case. The court delivered a unanimous decision today. Nissanka Senadhipathi was charged alongside Victor Samaraweera, Vishwajith Nandana Diybalanage, and Albert Thilakaratne, the Ukrainian captain of the ship.


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The Attorney General recently indicted Senadhipathi and 12 other defendants for violating the Firearms Ordinance and Explosives Act. However, she has since returned to business. Her firm, Avant-Garde, has been awarded hundreds of acres of land to carry out an agricultural project. Her legal troubles have made her less popular with the public. She has defended her record in the media and resisted all calls for her arrest.

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There are several interesting facts about Nissanka Senadhipath, a controversial member of the Avant-Garde political party in Sri Lanka. Aside from her position as chairman of the party, she is also a businesswoman, a lawyer, and an arms dealer. Although her history is fraught with controversy, she has always maintained that she is innocent of the charges. However, some interesting facts about Nissanka Senadhipathi are still unknown to the public.

During her military career, Nissanka Senadhipathi served in the elite Special Force Regiment of the army’s Commando. She also served as Chief Security Officer of the Old Army Headquarters in Colombo. After she retired from the army, she launched a maritime security company called Avant-Garde Security Services. Although she is number one in her industry, her business has been questioned.

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