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Nuvu Nenu Prema Serial


Nuvu Nenu Prema Serial is an Indian serial that started airing on Star Maa on 30 October 2017. It is based on the reality show called ‘Hollywood Numerologist’. The serial revolves around a young girl called Priya who is trying to find out her birth number. She wants to get the right number so that she can get the right life partner. Every episode of the serial revolves around the life of Priya and her friends who are also trying to figure out their life numbers and find out the best match for themselves.

What is the Story of the Nuvu Nenu Prema Serial?

Nuvu Nenu Prema Serial focuses on the story of Priya who is a rookie numerologist with a dream of finding her life partner. The cast and crew of the serial are trying to find out information about their birth numbers to get the best match for themselves. Every episode will be revolving around Priya and one or two people from her group. In every episode, we will see how Priya and her friends try to figure out their birth numbers. We will also see various events taking place in their lives including work, relationships, infidelity, etc. When they figure out their number, they will be able to find the right match for themselves.

Is Nuvu Nenu Prema Serial Safe to Watch?

Nuvu Nenu Prema Serial is a show that is not safe for children. There are scenes with sexual content and suggestive dialogue. The show also has strong language and mild violence. Overall, the show can be watched by people of all ages, but parents should monitor their children’s viewing habits if they have not watched the show themselves.

Character List for Nuvu Nenu Prema Serial

Priya – The protagonist of the show. Niranjan – Priya’s friend and co-worker who wants to find out his life number and get a life partner. Raju – Niranjan’s friend and co-worker who is trying to find a life partner. Vikas – Niranjan’s co-worker who is also trying to find a life partner for himself.  Nuvu Nenu Prema Serial (Star Maa) Cast, Episodes, Timings, Promo

Shailaja and Anand

The serial has a huge cast that includes Shailaja, Anand, Vikramjeet, Sulbha, and more. However, the show is primarily focused on Priya and her journey of figuring out her life number.

Varun and Priya

‘s Relationship Varun and Priya are the main protagonists in the show. They have been best friends since childhood. However, their friendship changed when Priya became a Numerologist. She has been trying to find out her birth number for some time now. This leads to many conflicts between them and they end up fighting with each other daily. However, later in the serial, Varun’s true feelings for Priya are revealed and he apologizes to her for his behavior throughout their friendship.

Rohan and Radhika

Rohan and Radhika are the serial’s lead pair. They both have their own story to tell and they try to find someone who has the same life number as them to find their perfect life partner.  1.   Nuvu Nenu Prema Serial is a fun-filled TV show that keeps you hooked with its interesting storyline and twists 2.  It helps you understand life better and make decisions based on it 3. It shows you how different people live their lives differently 4. The cast of the show is quite impressive which makes it an intriguing watch 5. There is a promo for every episode of this serial, which will help you know when the next episode comes


Nuvu Nenu Prema Serial is a Telugu daily soap opera that airs on Star Maa. It is a story about a young married couple who are quite different from each other. Shailaja is a bubbly girl, who is often found thinking of marriage and children, while Anand, on the other hand, is a docile husband with unconditional love for his wife. The show stars Shailaja and Anand and their friends Varun, Priya, and Rohan. Nuvu Nenu Prema Serial is set to release its first episode on 18th March 2018 at 10 PM on Star Maa. The show will be airing every day at 10 PM on Star Maa. The show also airs in several other countries including the UK, USA, Canada, UAE, and Australia.


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