On Lohri, tillers burn copies of farm laws | India News – Times of India


BATHINDA/JIND/JALANDHAR/PATIALA: Upping the ante against the contentious farm laws on Lohri, farmers burnt copies of the three Central acts at hundreds of places across Punjab and Haryana, and at protest sites on the borders of Delhi on Wednesday.
Calling the laws “death warrants”, farmers threw copies of the laws into bonfires lit to observe the festival. Like Dussehra, when effigies of PM Modi and of two corporates were burnt, photos of the PM and of the heads of the same companies were thrown into the fire by the farmers as they pledged to continue their protests against the laws.
“For us, the meaning of festivals has been lost since June 5, 2020, when the three ordinances were issued. Today, we have been for-ced to observe Lohri in anger,” said Gurbachan Singh, a farmer who has been protesting at Barnala railway station.

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