Our Limitless Love(A Riansh FF….) … Ch-66


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it’s really blessed

It’s really blissful to be with you, to be in your presence, to be in your company and to talk with you,

Will always cherish all our moments together, obviously all online!

Hoping to meet you super soon and giving you a tight hug!


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Aryan:- va.. An.. Sh met!


Ridhima:-(choking the water)

Heein? Anything! Again his accident drama!


Aryan:- it is not a drama ridhu! (Slowly)


Ridhima:- oo, please!

He would have done all this in order , that I will confess my love for him, when he is highly mistaken!



He instead with a fast action got up and switched on the TV . Ridhima was still not able to digest the facts!


T. V.

Anchor:- Famous Business Tycoon “Mr.Vansh Raisinghania”, met with an accident! It is being said we lost this famous personality and it is a loss for business sector!

He mutes the tv!


Aryan:-(eyeing ridhima) now?

Ridhima:- what if you all have planned to show this news only on this channel!


Aryan changed more and all were showing the same still ridhima was not convinced!


Ridhima:- stop your drama!

Ask them to be back!


Aryan:- fineee! You don’t believe us! This anchors, fineee you have a mobile phone! And a app called Google! Check! Hoping you will believe the news on your phone! (Extremely irritated and shocked)


She did the same and after checking, the displayed results shook the ground beneath her feet!



Ridhima was not totally shocked! She too an deep breathe!


Aryan:- got it!


Sejal:- is it true?



Ridhima:- hmmmm!


Sejal:- what hmmm?

No response


Sejal:- riddhii!

No response


Ridhima all of a sudden came out the news and stood with tears and asked!


Ridhima:- where? Where???? Where it happened?


Aryan:- finally you realized that bhai didn’t not went there to have fun and I here am not acting!


Ridhima:- shuttt upppp! Where it happened just answer?


Aryan:- (trying hard to mend his words) near thee…. Th…. Ee… Beach cliff!

(I love cliffs, anyone😂😂😂names are taken spontaneous, so ignore)

Without replying back she hurried to the cliff with as high speed as she could!

On the cliff,


She stopped her car and saw the Secenario in front, truly took her senses.

She took baby steps towards the accident spot!


But was interrupted by a constable who was stopping people from entering the accident spot!


She told him In a calm way with heavy tears.

Ridhima:- i need to go in! It’s important!


Constable:- sorry mam but we can’t. It’s a high profile case!

Now no boundaries, she clutched his collars by her hands and shouted!

Now the frustration , pain, anger bursts out!

Ridhima:- he is not dead! No don’t say “high profile case”…. Secondly I am an officer, now move!


Constantly:- sorry mam. Please(showing her the way)

As she just took a step she saw a car being drawn out from the gauge of the cliff with the help of a JCB crane!

She stood frozen watching the car being resurfaced!


The car was totally damaged , ridz didn’t gave a look to Kabir and went towards the car which was just now resurfaced.


Kabir was looking at her actions!

After the car was resurfaced, she stopped all official except certain one!

She herself with trembling hands first wiped the car number plate and was shocked to see the number.

Yes it was the same car, same BMW, black colored!

But still she wanted to check as her heart was still not satisfied!

She went to the driving seat and found someone lying with a disfigured face, dead.

Chills ran through her spines!




So this was today’s update !

Hope you like it and yeah maybe I will be posting here but I can’t a assure for regular ones.

Well I am back with my suspense full episodes.


Come on drop your theories, superfast!





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