Owensboro Health partners with Eon to fight lung cancer | Colorado


The comprehensive program is dedicated to the early detection of lung cancer, which is the result of one of two approaches. The first is screening eligible patients, which is highly effective and has been proven to reduce mortality by up to 20%. The second approach is to record incidental findings on radiological reports done for an unrelated reason. With 1.5 million incidental lung nodules discovered each year – but only 30% of them receive appropriate follow-up care – the ability to identify and track patients with incidental findings is critical to the success of the program. This comprehensive strategy is especially relevant to Owensboro Health locations.

Kentucky has the highest rate of lung cancer in the US, and some of the lowest rates for survival and early diagnosis. have initiatives Kentucky at the highest level for screening eligible lung cancer patients, but Owensboro Health’s commitment to identifying and tracking patients with incidental lung findings is leading the way toward a true phase shift in early identification and treatment. With Eon EPM, Owensboro Health now uses best-in-class Computational Linguistics data science models to extract information (e.g., nodule size, lobe, laterality, smoking history, and other relevant characteristics) from unstructured radiology reports and add it to the EPM dashboard, enabling precious time is saved. This superior technology also serves as a safety net, ensuring incidental findings are captured and tracked, and has an accuracy of 98.3%.

In fact, during the 11 months that Eon EPM was used, Owensboro Health identified 1,025 incidental findings, 12 of which were diagnosed as cancer and those patients are now getting the treatment they need. The fact that Owensboro so many incidental findings identified shows that the inclusion of incidental patients creates an extraordinary opportunity for the program to improve early identification of lung cancer. EPM also helps the program manage more than 2,000 screening patients with automatic submission to the Lung Cancer Registry, saving valuable staff time.

Felicia Troutman, practice manager at Owensboro Health, talks about the impact of using Eon EPM. “At Owensboro Health, our mission is to heal the sick and improve the health of the communities we serve. Lung cancer screening is a vital part of that mission, and the addition of Eon EPM makes our program even stronger.” She adds: “Eon gives us the tools to manage and identify appropriate screening patients, increase adherence to annual and follow-up diagnostic scans, and improve follow-up care by highlighting incidental findings on low-dose screenings. We look forward to it to continue our work with Eon and improve the lives of our patients.”

Christine Speaker, co-CEO of Eon, explains the partnership with Owensboro Health, saying: “Kentucky is notorious for high mortality from lung cancer, but extensive programs are seeing significant improvements. By using Eon EPM to screen patients and to receive and care for patients who would otherwise not be eligible for screening, Owensboro Health will further improve their outcomes,” she adds.

Eon is constantly innovating to equip facilities with the latest tools to improve patient outcomes, and is live in more than 250 facilities. In addition to EPM solutions for the lungs, Eon now offers EPM solutions for thyroid, pancreas, aneurysms, adrenal glands, kidneys, liver and breast. Each disease module delivers industry-leading accuracy and precision in incidental identification, helping to better manage patient numbers. Eon’s dedication and drive are fueled by the positive results of early identification and intervention of catastrophic diseases.

eon is a Denver-based healthtech company committed to revolutionizing the way healthcare data is collected, curated and shared among industry professionals. We are on a mission to ensure the right data reaches the right people at the right time to identify and stop disease early. We believe that together we can brave disease.

Owensboro Health partners with Eon to fight lung cancer | Colorado

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