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Pavithra Janani


Pavithra Janani is a Tamil television actress from Chennai. Born on 4 December 1992, she has starred in several serials and has become a popular face on Indian television. In her earlier years, she mainly worked in Star Vijay and Zee Tamil channels. Her latest role is in the show Eeramaana Rojave. She has a lot of fans all over the world, and her fans are delighted by her stunning beauty.


The Biography of Pavithra Janami is an interesting read for fans of the Tamil movie industry. The actress was born on 4th December 1992 in Chennai. She completed her secondary education in Chennai and received her bachelor’s degree from the Alpha Arts and Science College. After completing her matriculation, she aspired to become a civil servant. Although she failed in her attempts to clear the Civil Services Examination, she pursued acting and eventually made a successful career in the industry.

In 2006, the actress had a breakout role in the Tamil serial Eeramana Rojave, and has gained considerable fame since. She is also a model and worked on several television serials in the past. Her quality work and stunning looks have helped her gain recognition. Pavithra Janani’s Biography includes her early childhood, education, and career. Her early years were spent studying at Alpha Arts and Science College in Chennai, where she earned a B.Sc in Computer Science. She continued her studies at University of Madras, where she earned an M.Phil. In 2007, she appeared in a Vijay Tv serial called “Office” and also acted in Saravanan Meenakshi Seasons 2 and 3. She currently stars in Thendral Vanthu Ennai Thodum, a Tamil serial

Social Media Profiles

You can find out more about the Indian actress by following her social media profiles. She has a large fan base and is known for her role in Tamil Serial Eeramana Rojave. She was born on 4 December 1992 and was raised in Chennai. She attended Alpha Arts and Science College and earned her M.Phil from University of Madras. After completing her studies, she got her first acting role in Vijay Tv’s “Office” and other TV serials. Her next role in a Tamil Serial, Eeramana Rojave, was a lead role, and was accompanied by Sai Gayatri Bhuvanesh.

While most people are likely familiar with her serials, her name is also known to fans around the world. She has numerous social media profiles with millions of followers. This is indicative of her popularity in the industry and her following. Currently, Pavithra Janani is acting in a variety of roles in Tamil television shows, including Pagal Nilavu, Mella Thirundhathu Kadhavu, Saravanan Meenakshi, Office, and Raja Rani.


You may be curious about Pavithra Janani’s background. While her acting skills are impressive, many question whether or not she is a real saint. Here are some facts about Pavithra. Despite her popularity, she remains a mystery to most people. Let’s explore some facts about her life! First and foremost, she was born in Mysore, India. Her father, an actor named Lokesh, died when she was in Class nine. She then pursued a career as a television artist in Vijay TV. She then appeared in several Tamil serials, and her role as Raazi earned her much recognition. In the following years, she completed a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, but after a failed attempt at the Civil Services Examination, she shifted to acting.

Another important fact about Pavithra Janani is that she is Tamil. She began her career as a model and has since starred in a variety of TV serials. You may recognize her from a role in the hit TV serials Eeramana Rojave or Saravanan Meenakshi, or from her recent appearances in the television series Office. In addition, she was also a guest star in the acclaimed Tamil film Raja Rani.

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