Pixar's Turning Red skips theatrical release, will stream on Disney Plus for free


Turning Red, the next animated film from Pixar, will be available for free streaming on Disney+ instead of in cinemas, as announced by DIsney. Turning Red follows Mei, a young girl who transforms into a gigantic red panda whenever she experiences strong emotions.

After Soul and Luca, this is the third Pixar film to skip theatres and go straight to Disney+. However, the film will be available on Disney+ on March 11, the same day it is scheduled to be released in theatres. Turning Red, according to the studio, would not use the streamer’s Premier Access platform and will be free to all members. As per Screenrant, Sandra Oh from Grey’s Anatomy will play Mei’s mother Ming, while Rosalie Chiang will play Mei herself. Domee Shi, an animator who recently helmed the Pixar animated short Bao, directs Turning Red.

Meanwhile, Pixar has criticized Disney for releasing its films on Disney+ instead of the Premier Access programme. Disney has distributed movies such as Mulan, Jungle Cruise, and Black Widow on the Premier Access portal, charging users an extra USD 30 to watch them. It is unknown why they do not do so with their Pixar films, but Pixar employees have stated that it sends a message that makes them feel devalued, despite the fact that Pixar is one of the most profitable parts of the Disney company.

The decision to do so with Turning Red is sure to elicit the same kind of outrage, even though it’s apparent why Disney made the decision. The growing uncertainty around the Omicron COVID variant has once again upended the industry, with premieres being pushed back, productions being halted, and films such as Morbius being postponed. However, Turning Red focuses on Mei Lee, an all-star student, who transforms into a gigantic red panda. She’s distraught when she unexpectedly changes into a “big crimson monster,” and even more upset that this “quirk” has run in her family for generations. But, with the help of her pals, she learns to embrace her wild side.

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