PM warns against carelessness during festive season: Stepping without mask will you put your families at risk

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

PM warns against carelessness during festive season

Addressing the nation at time of Sharad Navratri and Durga Puja, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday cautioned people that they should not stop following all the steps needed to prevent Coronavirus spread during the festive season. With Diwali and other festivals round the corner, experts have warned that several regions in the country may witness a spike in COVID-19 cases if all precautions are not taken.

“If you step out without a mask, you put your families at risk,” PM modi said, adding that the lockdown is gone, but not the pandemic. “If you are careless and moving around without mask, you are putting yourself, children and the elderly at risk,’ he added.

Repeatedly stressing to safeguard oneself during the festive season, he said “Do not underplay the importance of wearing masks and washing hands.”

Highlighting the fact that many Indians seem to have become careless about the pandemic, which is a dangerous pattern of behaviour, PM said this is not the time to be careless as the novel coronavirus is still around and even a small negligence can lessens the festive spirit.

A little carelessness in this festive season can hinder our progress. Practice physical distancing, wear mask and wash hands regularly, he added.

Reminded the nation that the US and several other European nations witnessed a spike in cases after decline, PM said “India is in a stable situation. We must not let it deteriorate.”

Talking about making the Covid Vaccines available to all, he stressed that “the government is preparing for making the vaccine accessible to every Indian as soon as it is made available.”

“The number of tests will cross 10 crores soon and In our fight against coronavirus, rise in the number of tests has proved to be our strength,” PM added.

PM Narendra Modi told citizens to continue to remain vigilant against the threat of COVID-19.

With a spike of 46,790 coronavirus cases and 587 deaths in 24 hours, India’s COVID-19 tally on Tuesday was 75,97,063 cases.

Out of these, 7,48,538 are currently active; 67,33,328 have been discharged while 1,15,197 people have died.

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