Pratik Gandhi Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Movies, Images

Pratik Gandhi Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Movies, Images
Pratik Gandhi Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Movies, Images


A Gujarati actor, Pratik Gandhi is an acclaimed star of the Indian film industry. Although he has been working predominantly in the Gujarati theatre and cinema industry, Pratik has also gained national acclaim and attention for his roles in Bollywood films. In Scam 1992, he won widespread critical acclaim and garnered national attention. In 2021, Pratik Gandhi will be making his Bollywood lead debut in the film Bhavai.

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Pratik Gandhi is an Indian actor and film producer who primarily works in Gujarati cinema and theatre. His national profile rose after his performance in the critically acclaimed Gujarati film Scam 1992. In 2021, Pratik Gandhi will make his Bollywood lead debut in Bhavai. Read on for more information about Pratik’s career. You’ll be surprised at how much work he’s put into his acting career.


After graduating from university, Pratik Gandhi studied theatre in Surat. His proximity to the capital city may have contributed to this decision. He relocated to Mumbai shortly after graduation and lived with a cousin. He attended plays and auditioned for a number of production houses. His professional journey has spanned over three decades, but he still finds time to pursue his dreams of becoming a doctor. Biography of Pratik Gandhi: The young actor has a fascinating life story. He began acting in Gujarati theatre at the age of eleven. He went on to perform in dozens of other plays. By age twenty, he was already making a splash in Bollywood and Gujarati television.

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When you check out Pratik Gandhi’s social media profiles, you’ll see a couple of things that you might be interested in. As far as his career goes, he has worked in both theatre and industrial engineering. On LinkedIn, he lists 4 jobs. He also has connections to similar companies. However, it’s not clear where he worked before. It’s not clear how he found the time to start his social media profiles.

The actor and filmmaker Pratik Gandhi is well known in Gujarati theatre and cinema. His most recent movie, Scam 1992, has earned him national attention. The actor also holds the Limca Book of Records title for performing the monologue in three languages in a single day. Though Pratik Gandhi’s career started in theatre, he has also worked in films in Hindi, Gujarati, and Urdu. Here are some of the best pictures from his social media profiles:


Here are some Pratik Gandhi facts that you may not know. Pratik is an Indian actor and is primarily known for his work in Gujarati cinema and theatre. He gained national attention for his role in the movie Scam 1992, which garnered widespread critical acclaim. In 2021, he will make his Bollywood lead debut with the movie Bhavai. Despite being relatively unknown outside of his home state of Gujarat, Pratik is a talented actor and deserves to be better known for his many achievements.

Although his father was an engineer, Pratik Gandhi studied in Mumbai. Perhaps his proximity to Mumbai helped him make the switch. After graduating, Pratik moved to Mumbai to start job hunting. He stayed with his cousin and attended shows to learn the craft. He even auditioned for many production houses. However, it wasn’t until he found the right one that he was able to make his dream come true. However, he later switched careers and went on to achieve great success in his chosen field.



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