Pretty Smart Season 1: End Declared Will Grant And Chelsea End Up Together?

Pretty Smart Season 1: End Declared Will Grant And Chelsea End Up Together?
Pretty Smart Season 1: End Declared Will Grant And Chelsea End Up Together?

Pretty Smart Season 1 is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation for the end of season 1, Read more! Netflix is presenting another sitcom and one that brings a character back to Earth. When Chelsea decides to stay with her sister Claire and her friends on the outskirts of town, she had no idea that her old boyfriend would break up as soon as he arrived, meaning she didn’t have to. no choice but to stay.


Pretty smart season 1

Pretty Smart’s premise points to a personal crisis. And the fun comes from Chelsea’s idea of ​​life; she sees herself as this bright intellectual who takes pride in her professional goals, while ironically compromising her ex’s professional desires. She seems annoyed by her sister and her friends, feeling that she is above all else thanks to her intelligence. If you have any questions about the End of Pretty Smart season 1, we tell you all!

Pretty Clever Season 1 End Explained: Will Grant and Chelsea End Up Together?

Chelsea & Grant don’t end up together. The two are getting closer, but they still have a long way to go to make their relationship work. After finally getting into the gang, Chelsea develops feelings for Grant that she never thought she could, but she’s afraid to take action, especially since it’s about the roommate. from her sister and an ex so she can’t break the girl’s code, can she? Romance can blossom and feelings can be mutual, but timing is never a friend to people in love.

Are Grant and Claire back together?

Claire is very happy with her new boyfriend Dave, but she realizes she is reluctant, especially when he invites her to meet her parents. Referring to Claire’s relationship history, she always loses interest in the situation when things go faster than she’d like.

In the midst of all this mess, Claire realizes that she still has feelings for Grant, which leads her to break up with Dave, unaware that it is her sister, Chelsea, who is developing feelings for Grant and who was waiting to be with him. to talk about it.

Are Grant and Claire back together on Netflix

While the sitcom successfully shows the ups and downs of friendship, it ends with a palpable tension in the “love triangle” between Chelsea, Grant and Claire, especially when Jayden and Solana are made aware of the ship collision. . An exciting cliffhanger indeed, but not so much for Grant.

if pretty smart aficionados await Netflix’s season renewal announcement and their reactions to the season finale, it’s time for others to indulge in the series. Pretty Smart is now available to stream on Netflix.

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