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Raai Laxmi Announces Engagement on Twitter But There is a Catch



Raai Laxmi Announces Engagement on Twitter But There is a Catch

Actress Raai Laxmi, who has worked in several languages, announced her engagement on social media on Tuesday but there was a catch.

The 31-year-old actress shared a note on her Twitter handle on April 6, where she admitted that a lot of people have been asking her to address the issue so she will be talking about it. Laxmi further wrote that she was not trying to hide her relationship and it should not be anyone’s business to interfere into her personal matters. She asked for privacy for the well-being of her partner.

Laxmi then dropped the bomb and said that she is getting engaged on April 27 and has even sent out invitations to her close friends and relatives. Now you may be wondering when did the actress start dating someone and even decide to get engaged? Well, as the note came to its end Laxmi wrote that she borrowed the note from someone and she just wanted to grab people’s attention. The main message of Laxmi’s post was to remind people to wash their hands and use a sanitiser to curb the further spread of coronavirus.

The tweet certainly did leave a few people surprised while some just congratulated the actress clearly missing the point. One of the comments read how a few people were congratulating her which is sad because they did not get the message here.

The coronavirus cases in the country are on a shocking rise, and many celebrities are urging fans and followers to not to forget the basic rules like washing hands, using sanitisers, and wearing face masks. Around 1,31,893 new cases were reported on Friday taking the total number of infections in India to 13,057,954. The total number of deaths in the country due to the virus is 1,67,694.

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