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Rachita Jewel IPS

We have compiled a Biography of Rachita Jewel IPS and her Official Social Profiles so that you can find out more about this famous Indian Police Officer. We have also included some interesting facts about this person, which you might find interesting. So, keep reading to find out more about this amazing woman. Besides, check out the Official Social Profiles and Interesting Facts about her. This is one of the most fascinating women in the Police Force!


When you read the Rachita Jewel IPS Biography, you will be amazed by her hard work and dedication. Born in Bhopal, India, she completed her schooling in Bhopal and later went on to study in different parts of the country. She attended St. Joseph Coed School and later passed the PSC examination. She then went on to complete her B.Com from Student for Excellence and then pursued her PG in Sociology from Barkatullah University. She was also Gold Medalist. Despite her early success, she had no idea that she would join the Civil Service.

Social Media Profiles

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Interesting Facts

  • She cleared the UPSC exam on her first attempt.
  • Rachita ranked in the top 200 in UPSC exams held in 2016.
  • As of 2022, she has more than 23k followers on Instagram.
  • Rachita has a cat named Snowiee.

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