Red flags to watch out for when meeting a prospective groom for arranged marriage


Walking into a room full of strangers to make a decision that will change your life is never easy. Yet it is one that many make when they meet a prospective bride or groom to discuss an arranged marriage. When embarking upon such a perilous journey, you probably wish to ensure that you choose a liberal and kind family that is willing to respect you and welcome you into the fold. To serve this interest, we reveal red flags you must watch out for in a prospective groom.

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He asks questions about your virginity

If you consider it objectively your virginity is no indicator of whether or not you shall be a good wife to the man. But if they wish to test your virginity or seek proof, then beware. It is believed that people who probe you about minute aspects such as celibacy or sexual history can be difficult to live with long term.

If he asks whether you wear western clothes

While one’s choice of clothing is an extremely personal choice, it is often considered one that is up for debate. You might find yourself in a situation where your prospective groom or his family asks you about whether you would wear western outfits like jeans and dresses after marriage or whether you prefer Indian ethnic wear on a daily basis. Should they expect you to dress only a certain way, you may find that you need their permission to choose your own wardrobe at any time. Hence this is a red flag.

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Being asked if you would continue to work after marriage

Many women tend to build their careers up after years of study just as most men do. So, it is unrealistic to expect the woman to consider giving up her career after marriage. It would be prudent to ask the man whether he might consider being a stay-at-home husband. If he answers in the negative or appears visibly displeased by your question, then you have cause for worry as they may not believe in equal rights for women.

While there are many questions that may raise red flags, the aforementioned ones are the holy trinity of problematic questions asked during a marriage meetup. Flee far and fast if you consider these glaring concerns that could turn into obstacles in your happy marriage.

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