Reshma Pasupuleti Wiki, Biography, Age, Movies, Images

Reshma Pasupuleti Wiki, Biography, Age, Movies, Images
Reshma Pasupuleti Wiki, Biography, Age, Movies, Images


Reshma Pasupuletti is an Indian actress who mainly appears in Tamil language films and television series. She is an accomplished singer and actress who has won several awards for her performances. Here is some information about the actress, including her Biography, Social Media Profiles, and Facts. You can learn a lot about this talented actress. We hope you find this information useful. Please consider sharing it with your friends and family!

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Reshma PasupuletI’s career has spanned the years, spanning both television and film. She began her television career at the TV5 channel, before moving to SUN TV where she hosted the popular show Sun Singer. After earning a reputation as an anchor and a confidence boost as a singer, she decided to take her acting skills to the next level. She then moved on to work as an actress and model. In 2014, she appeared in ‘Love Doctor,’ a television show, which garnered positive feedback from viewers. The show ran for three years, and she continued to act in the series.


The actress was born and raised in the US, and has lived in several different countries. Before joining the television industry, she worked as an air hostess in Atlanta. She eventually returned to Chennai, where she landed a job as a news reader for SUN TV. She also has hosted several TV reality shows. Eventually, she won a role in ‘Bigg Boss 3 Tamil,’ a show hosted by Kamal Haasan.

Social Media Profiles

If you’re interested in following the star’s progress in the world of acting, Reshma Pasupuletti’s social media profiles are worth checking out. After all, the actress has made some huge changes in the last two years. Her weight loss journey started two years ago, when she undertook a strict diet and a rigorous workout regimen. Now, she’s back to acting full-time, starring in movies and television shows.

A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Reshma Pasupuletti has always been a quick study. Her academic results were impressive, and she often won prizes for coming in first place in tests. These are some of the reasons why she’s so active on social media. She was born on 23 July 1977 in Chennai, India and raised in the United States.


A strong advocate of women empowerment, Reshma Pasupulet has remained relatively reticent about her personal life. She began her career as a TV5 newsreader, before landing the role of Devika in the Tamil soap opera ‘Vani Rani’. She also starred as an air hostess in the comedy film ‘Masala Padam’.

Before joining the TV industry, the 41-year-old actress and newsreader appeared in the Screwball comedy film Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran, directed by Ezhil. She also starred in the critically-acclaimed reality show Bigg Boss Tamil and was recently named a contestant on Season 3 of the reality show. Pasupuleti is fluent in Hindi, Telugu, English, and Tamil. In addition, she has inked her mother’s name on her wrist.



TV Shows

Unknown Facts

  • She finished her schooling and college in the US.
  • Her father, Prasad Pasupuleti is a movie producer and produced movies like Idhayathai Thirudadhey, Chammanthi, Agni Nakshatram, Anjali, Bhamakalapam, and much more.
  • She gained popularity after playing the role of Pushpa in Ezhil’s Velainu Vandhutta Vellakkaaran.
  • She is the cousin of actor Bobby Simha.
  • She is also a supporter of the #MeToo movement in India.
  • She has three children, one of her children was dead and her son was buried in the US. So she visits the US every year to see her son’s grave.

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