Ria Dabi (IAS) Wiki, Biography, Age, Qualification, Images

Ria Dabi (IAS) Wiki, Biography, Age, Qualification, Images


In Ria Dabi IAS Wiki Biographies, we will find her age, qualification, and social media profiles. We will also find her upcoming birthday celebrations. The Indian Air Force Officer is fond of celebrating various festivals and visiting exotic locations with her family. Apart from working, she enjoys gardening and has a gorgeous backyard at her home. In her free time, she likes to read data books and motivational quotes on social media.


The UPSC examination 2020 topper Ria Dabi is a brown skinned woman. Born and raised in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, she later moved to Delhi for higher education. Ria Dabi is the daughter of Jaswant Dabi and Himani Dabi. She has one sister who is an Indian IAS officer, Tina Dabi, and she has a Graduate degree.

Tina Dabi was born on the ninth of November in Madhya Pradesh and migrated to Delhi at the age of five. Her parents, who both cleared the UPSC IES examination, are BSNL executives. Her younger sister has also topped the civil services examination. However, she has no children of her own. Her first husband divorced her in 2021. Ria Dabi IAS Wiki Age Qualification Images

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Unlike other IAS candidates, Ria Dabi didn’t get hooked up with social media as she studied for 10 hours a day and took breaks to refresh her mind. She is a young, single Indian lady who has a very good physique. She stands at a tall 5’5″ and weighs a healthy 56 kg. Her hair is wavy and she has brown eyes. Ria Dabi is the youngest IAS officer to crack the IES.

Her Twitter and Instagram profiles are filled with comments from her fans and she has been a hot topic of conversation on the platform. After her wedding to Dr. Pradeep Gawande, she changed her profile picture to one of her new husbands. The couple posed on a sofa, wearing matching outfits. Ria’s followers are very intrigued by her recent change in ‘profile pic’ and have commented to the effect that they would like to see her in a more contemporary picture.

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Born on July 12, 1998, in Bhopal, Ria Dabi is a senior sister of Tina Dabi. She has completed her higher education from the Lady Sri Ram College for Women in Delhi. She started preparing for the UPSC exams even while in college. After graduation, she focused mainly on the examinations. Her sister Tina is also an IAS officer and she is her elder sister.

Before joining the UPSC, Ria Dabi was a student of civil providers. She was determined to crack the exam and decided to pursue it. Then she attended RAU’s IAS Study Circle. During her preparation, she used to spend ten hours a day studying. For every topic, she allocated a specific time. She also took optional subjects that are not compulsory for the UPSC examination.

Ria Dabi Images

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Ria Dabi (IAS) Wiki, Biography, Age, Qualification, Images

Ria Dabi (IAS) Wiki, Biography, Age, Qualification, Images


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