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Flashback continues:-

Riddhima opens her eyes and looks around as she found herself in his room. After getting ready she came out and saw Vansh standing in front of the door scrolling through his phone. As soon as Vansh noticed her presence, keeping back his phone he looks at her and saw her enchanted in an off-shoulder red saree. He came to her.

“Dadi ne bulaya hai chalo…” He said and holding her hand pulled her with him.

Coming down they saw everyone sitting in the hall. His dadi pulled her and made her sit on the sofa beside her.

“Uma, panditji kab aarhe hai?” Dadi asked from Uma.

“Bas maa abhi aate hi honge” Dadi nodded hearing her.

“Lo aagye” All saw him caressing his cheeks and then passed them a forced smile. He sat on the sofa and looked at Vansh.

“To panditji hume apne Vansh aur Riddhma ki shadi jald se jald karwani hai… To aap koi jaldi ki date nikalye” Dadi told and saw him nodding and Ishani gave him the kundali frowning. He passed her a forced smile

He started counting and looked at Vansh, who was trying to control his laughter. He frowned at him and then saw him coming after him.

“Boss kahan fashaya hai apne, mujhe thode hi aata pandit banna abhi bolte to kissi ko goli mardeta.” Vansh heard Angre (Yes he was Angre)

“Chup Chap date kal ki kaho aur nikalo Ishani ko pata chal gya hai tumho, usse phele ushka dimag chale, use your mouth and leave” Angre nodded and as Vansh left from there.

“Woah…Kal ki date hai” He said and saw everyone looking at him confused

“Panditji kuch zayada nhi hai” He heard and looked at Vansh.

“Agar kal shadi nhi hui to agele teen saal tak shadi nhi hogi” He said and Dadi looked at Riddhima.

“Riddhima beta tumhe to koi problem nhi hai na?” Uma asked her looking her expressionless face. She just shook her head and gave them a fake smile.

“Phir thik hai shadi kal hogi” Dadi said and all nodded. Angre left from there.

“Angre, from where you have learnt such a bad acting” He heard Ishani and didn’t turned around.

“Arey Panditji atleast yeh to bataye ki date kal ki hi kyun nikli hai” She said and came in front of him.

“Humne bataya to kal ki nhi hai to agle teen saal tak shadi nhi hopayegi” He said and she burst into laughter. And then he saw her removing his fake beard.

“Bhai ne kaha tha uss middle class trash ke liye.” he glared at her. “ok…ok…sorry Bh-ab-hi ke liye” He nodded and then removed his fake hair and gave her.

“Riddhima bhabhi ke saath bhaut galat hua hai…. ” He told her and looked at her confused face. He told her everything from starting, shocking her.

“oh my god, matlab yeh shadi unki marzi se nhi hui hai?” He nodded at her and she cupped her mouth in shock “Yeh to bhai galat karrhe hai mujhe dadi ko batana padega…” 

She was about to move when Angre pulled her and she heard Vansh voice. “Sochna bhi nhi” She saw him coming towards her “She is already my wife, and after Kabir and Sejal betrayed her she won’t trust anyone but will have to trust me and I’ll make sure how” He said and saw Ishani confused.

“I know how to make her believe in me. Don’t worry Go and make her ready for our engagement” Ishani jerked Angre’s hand which he was holding.

“I’m not bhai, until and unless she won’t agree to marry you I won’t let her destroy her life.” She said and moved from there.

“Boss abb yeh kya karne wali hai”  Angre asked on seeing him not reacting.

“Kuch bhi nhi” He said smirking.


Next Evening, Riddhima was sitting on the bed hugging her legs crying bitterly. She heard a knock and wiped her tears. She opened the door to see Sejal standing there. She hugged her immediately.

But as soon as she remembered of her betrayal she jerked her and was about to close the door when Sejal entered the room.

“Riddhima ek minute meri baat to sunlo” Sejal said and saw her glaring at her.

“What is left to listen? You betrayed leave about Kabir, I was knowing him for some months but you, you were with me since childhood. Why you did this Sejal with me? Why?”  Riddhima asked and fell down on her knees. She saw Sejal sitting beside her.

“Riddhima you want to know na, why I did this? ” Riddhima nodded and looked at her.

“Riddhima Kabir wasn’t loving you, but Vansh does. He loves you” She said.

“Sejal but I don’t love him. I don’t love anyone, you just leave from here” Riddhima said and getting up from there sat on the bed.

“Riddhima, try to understand. Vansh is good for you and I really feel this. He is truly in love with you” Sejal said and Riddhima threw a Vase at her.

“If I would have done the same with you, and would have said the same” She said and looked at her as she came and sat in front of her.

“Then I would have agreed as I know my best friend won’t think bad for me” Sejal and Riddhima closed her eyes frustrated.

“You aren’t understanding me Sej……” Before she could complete she heard a knock and then a voice.

“Bhabhi, panditji bula rhe hai aapko” She heard Siya saying and got up from there covering her head with the veil. 

“Riddhima, please for me try to accept this marriage” Riddhima looked at Sejal shocked.

“Sejal, you are mad and I’m still very much angry from you” Sejal ignored her and then applied Kajal to clean her messy face.

“I know Riddhu that Vansh is best for you and I hope you’ll think of my words. Will miss you” She hugged her tightly.

Ridhima pushed her away listen “Sejal I am not coming downstairs.”

Sejal held her hand tightly “am sorry ridhima tuje vansh se dubara shaadi to karni hi padegi” ,  saying this she pulled ridhima with herself forcefully .


They both decended downstairs Ridhima was looking heavenly beautiful.

She was wearing a red bridal lehenga and vansh was also wearing a green sherwani .

They both sat together in the pavilion and pandit ji started the chanting the mantras . And in this way they both got married again with the blessings of vansh’s family.

At night

Ridhima was sitting on the bed fully dolled up with a Vail on her head and waiting for the beast of her life . She was shedding silent tears as she was hell scared that what if vansh will force himself on her and will snatch her innocence.

Suddenly her trances got broke with a thud on the door as the door got opened with a jerk,  there he was all with dominating aura.

He came towards ridhima and opened her Vail he saw her frowned face covered with tear stains .

He frowned and rubbed her tears off

Why are you crying? Did I hit you? Did I touch you improperly or did I forced myself on you?” He said in a deadly dangerous tone

Ridhima stood shocked as she didn’t expected this question from him .

“I am asking something Ridhima” he asked screaming.

Ridhima nodded in a no

Words ridhima words” said vansh dangerously.

N..no ..no” said ridhima

Then why the hell are you crying? Saying this he hit his hand hard on the side table making Ridhima flinch.

“Listen ridhima I love you and that’s why I won’t force myself on you ever I know you don’t love me infact you hate me but please never try to escape me I won’t be able to handle it. 

Ridhima I can’t force or torture a girl who once saved my Life unconditionally . Ridhima I felt in love with you that day itself when you saved me I  falled for you I falled for your innocence and care for an unknown. That’s why when you rejected me I decided to marry you.

You know Ridhima once a wise man said that in a relationship one person’s love is enough for both that’s what in aur relationship I won’t force you to love me I only expect some respect and care from you that’s it ” saying this he moved in the next side of bed making Ridhima shocked she really didn’t expected this from him , while she was busy in her thoughts vansh pulled her towards him and slept cuddling her ”  she was really very shocked.

So jao ” said vansh and she closed her eyes

After 5 months:-

Riddhima’s POV:-

They say that if we stay with a person for more than a time, we get habitual to that person. That’s true, I got habitual to Vansh and his presence around me. But still I don’t have any kind of feeling for him. Sejal was right he is really good he never forced himself on me, not even forced me to accept this marriage, he just used to sleep with me in my embrace. I guess According to him, he loving me is enough for this marriage.

His family is really good, Only Angre & Ishani knows everything about me and she supports me too. And the family for which I was craving since childhood. I got them but still the love of my husband…. I’m not getting that care. I’m just habitual to him but I’m not getting that feeling. Today is his birthday and he sitting on the couch typing on his laptop since 3-4 hours, won’t his eyes affect in all this. Ok I know I’m caring for him a lot but what to do, I’m behaving like this only.

He looked at me but didn’t reacted even a bit. Why? Usually he at least smiles at me which I know I used to ignore, but today he even didn’t do that. Leave it. I went from there and then opening the cupboard took out my and his dress for the party and then keeping his on the bed, I left to the washroom to change my dress and get ready.

After 25 minutes, I came out and saw he was not in the room and even the dress wasn’t there. He must have gone to change in some other room.  I went to the Vanity and saw my Mangal sutra kept there, I took it to wear when one of the side got broken and saw a hand holding it and looked up to see Vansh. 

He took it in his hand and then pulled my hand, I followed him as he made me sit on the bed and getting on his knees was tying both the sides. But what caught my attention was he wasn’t wearing the dress I gave him but he was wearing white suit. Why? That not even matches by my dress. Why is he ignoring me? Did I do something wrong?  A tear escapes from my eyes. I don’t know why?

I was about to ask, when he caught my hand he wasn’t even looking at me. He then tied that mangalsutra on my wrist. wrist?. But he gets up and his hand hits on the glass jug and water fell on my dress. I was shocked already we’re late what I’ll do now.

“I’m sorry….Woah you can go and change. Let me give you dress” He said and I saw him bringing another dress for me. I took it without looking at it. “You go and change. I’ll see you downstairs” He left from there without looking at me.

I wore that dress and then saw it was of same color which he was wearing white. A smile came on my face. I came down after changing my dress and saw Vansh was talking to some of his business partner. I went to Siya and Ishani and gave them a smile.

After cutting the cake, all were dancing with their couples but Vansh was talking to someone. I saw Ishani and Angre dancing. They were married just a month after our. I was standing with Siya while she was using her phone. I know being on wheelchair she won’t say, so I listening to her and smiling on her talks. I’m not giving her any type of sympathy, what’s the difference between us She just can’t walk and here I don’t have anyone with whom I can walk. I hope she will get the one she is waiting for. She yawned after a while.

“Bhabhi I have to take my medicine also and it’s my time to sleep can you please take me to my room” She said and of course I would take her. What was my need over here, standing in a corner since morning being ignored like a side kept trash. I held the handle of her chair and took her to my room. Slowly holding her by her shoulder, I helped her to get on the bed and gave her medicines. She smiled at me and then I made her lie down.

“Good Nig……” She said while holding my hand but then stopped in the middle, what’s wrong? “Bhabhi you are having fever?” She said shocked.

Me fever? how? I’m not feeling any type of weakness. I said

“Wait, bhabhi let me call bhai.” Said and grabbing her phone dialed Vansh. Vansh? No…

“Haan Siya” I signed her not say and she raised her eyebrows. Arey party is going outside and I don’t want anyone to know. First let me check it.

“Tell him that you are going to sleep.” She was about to refuse when I glared her and she did as I said and disconnected the call.

“You sleep I’ll tell him.”  I said and she nodded confused. I came out and felt everything getting blurred. Was I really having fever?  I came and saw Vansh still talking with everyone and very less were there. Dadi and Maa must have slept till now. Now I should also leave. What will I do here?

I was moving when someone held my hand. I turned and saw Ishani. She was holding my hand, if she’ll get to know and she was about to say when I shushed her up.

“I know…I’m having fever. main dawai le lungi” I said in a slow voice and saw her nodding.

“Let me tell bhai” She said.

“Why you are hell bent on telling him?”  I said slowly really what’s need as if he cares.

“Ok fine I won’t. But you go and rest. Shall I accompany you?” She said and I shook my head and she nodded and I left from there. I was about to enter when I again felt everything getting blurred. 

I was about to fell down when a hand held me. I looked up to see Angre, what is he doing here?  “Bhabhi Are you okay?” He asked and I got up and nodded.

“I’ll send boss” Oh my god, all are same. 

“No, he is talking with some of his business partner if its important then” I said and saw him smiling. All are mad here I must say that.

“Bhabhi nothing is important for him than you. You should have told him.” He said really and since morning he is ignoring me. For god sake, everything is important to him except me.

“Angre….We’ll talk later. Ishani must be waiting for you” He nodded knowing that I was throwing him from there. Ok really I want him to leave as now I can fell weakness. 

“Bhabhi, boss is angry from you because he expected you to wish him first but you didn’t even wished him” He said and I realized that I remember his birthday but forgot to wish him. Mumbling a good night he was about to leave when he again said, “Don’t tell boss or it would be my last night”

I chuckled at him and nodded. He left from there. I entered and took a simple dress from the cupboard and taking out my dress was changing in the room only as I don’t know if I went in the washroom I would stay conscious or not. My hands were now shivering. I slowly was pulling the shirt down when it got stuck in my earring and that’s called a bad luck. Really it have to stuck right now only.

I heard the door opening and then Vansh’s voice. “Riddhima….” he was tensed his voice was telling. But why? But then I realized my own situation. You are an idiot Riddhima, arey if you would have been unconscious it was ok but here in front of him. I turned around and that earring. I’ll kill it. I slowly removed it and then turned to see him not there. Was I imagining his voice even now or he had left seeing me changing? 

I shrugged the thought and was about to fell when he held me. I looked up to see him, he picked me up and then slowly laid me on the bed and then he went to close the door. After coming back he removed my earring which I might have forget and then laid beside me in the duvet. Wasn’t he ignoring me? 

I felt him rubbing my hands. “Why you didn’t told me you are having fever?” He said tensed while keeping his head on mine while I was crumbled in his chest. 

“I thought that you were busy” He heard and then planted a kissed on my lips. I was used to his soft pecks on my lips.

“dawai leli?” He asked and I shook my head. He left me and then got down. I got up, and he gave me my medicine and then again came in the duvet with me. I’m now really used to his embrace.

“Happy Birthday Vansh” I said remembering Angre’s words. Vansh didn’t said anything and I was about to look up when he pulled me more closer, hugging me. What’s happening to him? Why is he behaving so weird was the only question revolving in my word?

“Can I get a gift?” He asked suddenly as I closed my eyes. I nodded hesitating

“Promise me you won’t leave me.” He said in a sad voice. I knew something must have happened, he is insecure. I got up and looked at him as voice wasn’t coming due to fever. He looked down and I gave him a forehead kiss. Why will I leave him? Even If I don’t love him right now, I know the importance of a marriage and that to by elder’s blessings. Some or the other day I will accept him but for that I will need time and I know he will give me. He smiled and hugged me more tightly. I finally got that care which I was craving since so long.

Flashback ends-:

After that I was the one who proposed him with the help of Ishani, Siya and Angre. We consummated my marriage after a year and then I got my baby my cute Vanu, Vanshika, Siya gave her this name. Cute and completely matching with Vansh.

I saw she was sleeping, must be tired she was playing since morning and Vansh promised to play with her but he had his meeting so he left.

I got down from the bed and kept pillows beside her. And giving a kiss on her forehead I came down but there was no one where are all? After breakfast I didn’t saw anyone. I went to the kitchen and turning on the flame I started boiling the milk for Vanshika. If she will woke up, she will ask for milk.

I came out from the kitchen and then I was suddenly blindfolded, bottle was about to fell down when I held it. I felt someone hand on my waist holding me tightly, I knew he was Vansh but wasn’t he in the meeting.

Vansh what are you doing here? ” I said and he didn’t replied and slowly pulled me with him. I was confused so I just followed him.

I felt we were climbing the stairs, what he is trying to do? I was silently following him not knowing if he is angry or not.

Then we stopped and he left my hand. I was about to open when I heard his voice, “Don’t” he shouted literally he did but why?

Where are we? He came back as I felt his scent near my nose and then he again pulled me, I heard a small sound.

He came in front of me. I can feel him really very well and was caressing my waist. What is he trying to do? He then moved his hand and slowly removed drapes of my saree.

Ok he is turning mad? I held his hand and he just gave a hmmm…

What are you doing? Where are we? Why are you behaving like this? ” I asked in a single breath and then he kept his finger on my lips.

“Shh…. We’re in our room. Vanu is with Siya. And lights are closed don’t worry” He said and he was chuckling in last sentence. Idiot, I really want to shout at him.

He came at my back and kept his chin on my shoulder. “Waise sweetheart, you really don’t know why am I doing this? Didn’t you remember?” He said and now what I didn’t remember. I shook my head in negative and he didn’t said anything.

“Vansh… “ I said and he just hummed “what I didn’t remember” I asked and he kissed on my cheeks.

“Nothing…. “ He said and then left me for a while. He came back in my front and slowly again tied my drapes. What happened to him?

He came back and removed my blindfold. I blinked my eyes to clear the vision. And turned to see him leaving I went to him and held his hand.

“Kya hua? Maine kuch kiya” I asked him and he shook his head giving me a smile and then kissed on my forehead.

Go and give the milk to Vanu I’m in the study. ” He said and left from there removing my hold from his hand.
I picked up my phone and switched it on and looked at the screen and a smile came on my face, my Vanu.

Riddhima’s POV ends:-


Vansh came back in his room and opening it entered, he was sad was clearly visible on his face. He without looking at anything directly moved to the cupboard and sliding the door opened it.

He saw Riddhima there and was shocked. “What are you doing here?”  He said confused and Riddhima came to his face and kissed him on his cheeks. He held her by her waist.

” You are really mad” She said and looked at him as he raised his eyebrows. She turned him around and then he saw the room decorated.

“Happy Anniversary Vansh” She said and he felt her hugging him from behind. He pulled her to him and hugged.

“You remember” He pulled her out of the hug and smiled at him and then shook his head.

Actually no but I came to know through your face. You have a good habit of imagining things. If I said I had accepted this marriage then why you became sad when I forget. Ok I know it was my mistake but I didn’t do anything intentionally. Anyway I won’t say sorry because you even didn’t wished me till now. Leave it, where is my dress which you brought?” She said everything and moved to the cupboard and again opened it when she felt him hugging her.

I love you Riddhima” She heard him and he kissed on her cheeks and she looked at him. She turned and he moved back.

And a thread came in front of her, he signed her to pull it down and as she did a saree came in front of her. She smiled looking at it and he again hugged her back.

Promise me, you won’t imagine these rubbish things from now” She said and he nodded at her.

Go and change i want to see you in this saree ” he said while signalling her towards the washroom.

After 15 minutes

She came out wearing that beautiful saree given by her hubby .

He came towards her and back hugged her tightly he started nuzzling her neck .

Now shall I complete my work” He said and she raised her eyebrows.

Which work?” She asked and he smirking came close to her and joined their foreheads and then caressed her waist. She remembered what he was doing in the morning and held his hand and with other cupped his face.
Disclaimer- this paragraph contains mature content so guys if you are uncomfortable than please skip this part .

🚫 Mature content starts 🚫

“Innocent are we Riddhima?” He asked smirking at her. Drawing rough patterns on her waist, he pulls her for a soft and passionate kiss. His wandering hands went on to pull out the drapes of her saree, one by one, teasing her fully.

Tracing his finger intimately, tracing the hem of her shape wear, he kisses her as if she was the oxygen he was dying to breathe. Running his fingers, she could feel currents fluctuating throughout her body.

Moving from the back of her waist, he stops at her bellybutton, taking his own time to admire the curves of his wife. Swirling his finger around her bellybutton, he continues to kiss her and eat away the small involuntary moans she was making.

Slowly parting from the kiss, he moves to pepper wet kisses all along her jawline. Slightly moving down the curve, kissing all the way from her clavicle, he slides away the strip of her blouse, comporting her bare shoulders to his naked eyes.

The small mole on her collarbone excites him more, even after so many years of marriage. Sucking it slowly, his hands continue to wander all over her body, disrupting her sanity. He was pushing her into a blissful oblivion of pleasure. Her stomach muscles were quailing at touches.

But seemed like he didn’t have enough of teasing her. Unhooking the hooks of her designer blouse one by one, he presses her towards himself, crushing her asserts with his. Riddhima arches her neck in pleasure at the idyllic sensations. He was the only real thing in the world for her.

Still in their own trance, their feet lead them towards their marital bed. Slowly pleasuring her sensitive parts with his pair of skillful hands, making her breathing go all crazy, he continues to place sloppy kisses all along her throat to her arms.

Taking enough time to appreciate each curve of hers, he makes his way into her, claiming her all over again, marking her to his.

🚫 Mature content ends here 🚫


“Well you had really trapped me really badly” She said and he smiled at her. “I love you Vansh”

I love you too” He said and gave her a light peck on her lips  They both slept in each others embrace.

Happy ending


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