Robert Pattinson TEASES his version of Caped Crusader in The Batman, reveals he won't be a 'straight up hero'



Fans should not anticipate Robert Pattinson‘s Batman to be a straight-up hero in The Batman. In Matt Reeves’ forthcoming film, Warner Bros. will unveil a totally new version of the renowned DC hero. Plot details are still scarce, but the film’s star-studded ensemble has already been aggressively promoted.

Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne/Batman will be accompanied by Selina Kyle/Catwoman played by Zoe Kravitz, Riddler played by Paul Dano, Penguin played by Colin Farrell, Commissioner Gordon played by Jeffrey Wright, and Alfred played by Andy Serkis. Following a series of delays, The Batman is now set to be released in March 2022. However, given the fresh wave of the coronavirus pandemic, there is still a risk that it gets pushed back even further. Regardless, the blockbuster’s promotion is already ramping up with a slew of teasers.

To add to the intrigue, Pattinson just revealed that he will play Bruce Wayne’s alter ego in The Batman. In a recent interview with The Daily Record, the actor explains his preparation for playing one of the most iconic superheroes of all time, as well as teasing what his rendition would look like. While most people think of the Caped Crusader as a “straight-up” hero, Pattinson says his portrayal will be a little more complex. He said as per Screenrant, “I needed to know about as much of the history of the character as possible to see what hadn’t really been done … People see Batman as this straight-up heroic character but in our story it really questions what the nature of a hero is and it gives a lot of different angles to it.”

Given Pattinson’s remarks, it will be intriguing to see if this Batman is likewise open to murdering. When Ben Affleck’s version of Batman was seen directly killing bad individuals in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, his violent side became a hot issue. Interestingly, with the debut of The Batman just a few weeks away, moviegoers are set to find out whether Pattinson’s Batman is more lethal than imagined.

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